Thursday 17 October 2013

Three steps forward and two back . . .

I'm afraid I am sidelined rather today.  Did some making of quilt blocks this morning, and now I just want to sleep.  It became apparent by yesterday that the antibiotics I was taking weren't being effective, so I had to go back to the Doctor's.  A long discussion, some impressive coughing and wheezing on my part, and a temperature detected by the thingy they stick in your ear, and I was given fresh antibiotics, which I am hoping will start to work soon.  Meanwhile my brain and I have rather parted company and any urge to write has departed.

Above is another view looking across to Llanllwni mynydd, with its wind farm, from the top of the mynydd on the way to Newcastle Emlyn.

Tomorrow I shall put up a few of the photos we took here, Cenarth Falls, on the Carmarthenshire/Cardiganshire border.  A beautiful spot, especially on Tuesday, with the sun out.


  1. I hope the new antibiotics start to kick in soon. All the best, Jx

  2. Goodness... I hope the new meds kick in soon !
    I know you want to do stuff buy resting is the best,

    cheers, parsnip

  3. You do seem to be having a tough time health wise BB - hope they soon get it sorted out.
    Cenarth falls brought back memories, we used to go there often. There used to be a coracle maker there - is he still there?

  4. Hope the new antibiotics start working soon!

  5. Hope you start to feel better soon. These things are sent to try us. x

  6. Oh dear! Do hope that these new antibiotics work and that you will soon be feeling better Jennie.

  7. Hi Jennie and hugs; not again. Have you thought about going to see a herbalist? Just a thought as when I was a child I had septic tonsils and every other fortnight i was poorly. My grandmother used to have a thick gunky herbal medicine made up for us we had the recipe but my dad lost it and it was the only thing that used to shift anything. I know its not the same thing, but sounds as though your immune system is under constant attack so something more natural might be more effective. Honey (try the Manuka Honey (tea tree) although expensive it is meant to be quite pokey, vitamin c, lashings of onion and garlic soup, blueberries and vitamin c tablets, elderberry rob, I take the lot when I am in the wars. Hope you feel more chipper soon.

    Love and light pattypan


  8. O dear, lots of love from both of us. xxx

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments and I hae my fingers crossed I will soon be properly on the mend. I feel a bit better than yesterday as the temperature has eased but I am still resting up.

    pattypan - the a-b's I'm on at the moment prevent me taking certain things but once I'm off them I am going to really work on improving my immune system. I have some home-made Elderberry syrup in the fridge, and had forgotten about, so I shall take some before bed each night. Have noted all the "goodies" you mentioned.

    Weaver - there is now a Coracle Museum, but that cost to get in, and we were trying to have a "free" day out, so perhaps someone still does make coracles and there is a link in the museum. Carmarthen C.C. in its infinite wisdom, sees coracle fishing (which still happens on the Towy) as something archaic to be stamped out by ever-increasing salmon fishing licence fees. They haven't yet twigged that they should charge for it and actually MAKE MONEY from this "archaic" practice.