Monday 18 November 2013

I must get better at crochet . . .

Aren't these little crochet bits GORGEOUS?  They are finely worked and I want to try and up my ante to improve my skills and see if I can do smaller pieces like these little flowers.  I bought all of these, a little bag full, for £1, at yesterday's Fleamarket.  I like to think that the work of yet another skilled old lady is being appreciated and enjoyed, and if she is no longer with us, she might be having a little smile up in the wide blue yonder.

I tired for more closeups but this was the only one which turned out properly.  I hae just been seeing what crochet cottons I have - mine are all too heavyweight for anything like this.  One vendor on e-Bay is selling embroidery floss which she claims can be used for fine crochet work.  Now there's a thought, as I have PLENTY of that . . .  May give it a whirl later.

Tired out today. Really weary, so not much will be done that involves standing up!


  1. I know you can do it, its just adjusting to a finer yarn but still the same.
    I made edgings for a lampshade once in ecru cotton with these same type of flowers, it was beautiful. Its long gone now and I wish I had photo's of it but in those days of yore we didn't have quick digital camera's.
    I must say you got a real bargain for £1.00.
    I love the little multi colour one.
    Can't wait to see what you produce.

  2. That flower is so detailed in the middle - amazing. I never mastered crochet I'm afraid!

  3. Briony - thank you for your confidence! I will probably settle down over Christmas and have a little practice, whilst I have my daughters here to practice their Christmas Cooking skills! We are off out in a minute, so I may see if I can get some fine yarn whilst I'm out, as I only have white, and these little flowers yell for colour! I thought it was a real bargain too.

    Em - I only learned to crochet about 4 years ago, so if I can do it, anyone can! It's very satisfying and better than knitting.

  4. So pretty.
    Can you attach them to another item ? They are beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I prefer crochet to knitting to, BB, much more satisfying as it works up so much more quickly (at least for me who knits so slowly). I find shaping much easier too with a hook. You found some super lovelies; I did one for my oldest sister a couple decades ago-it took an entire ball of the crochet thread and then some more and wouldn't you know I hadn't any more of the right color so I had to fake it. Turned out icky !~! All that time and effort and teeny little stitches-I was so saddened.

  6. I am crocheting small squares at present, in Wensleydale wool, to sew together into a blanket. Every square is the same pattern so that I can now do it without referring to the book and can also do it while watching television. When I think that twenty odd years ago I crocheted a fine wool christening shawl for my first grandchild, I cannot imagine how I possibly did it.

  7. Those bits of crochet are lovely. Some-one was really creative with the colour and design. I hope that you're feeling a bit better today. Jx

  8. I love collecting little crochet bits X AnnieX

  9. Very pretty, soon we will all be little old ladies crocheting away;) X

  10. Only think what wonders we would create if we didn't get tired!
    I made several shawls and an afghan or two back in the 70's, that era of' 'hippie' styles--never could develop a consistent tension so I put away crochet for all time and reverted to my sewing machine.