Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November blues

November is a dreary month, and even though we still have plenty of leaves on the trees as it has been so mild, the colour seems to be steadily disappearing from the countryside.  A rainy day brings a monotone bleakness to the landscape.  I need some colour therapy I think.

The photo is part of the design on an embroidered cushion cover I bought at the weekend.  The lady who sewed them was VERY skilled with her needle. 

This one I can just about bear to part with, but the other one was a showstopper in terms of embroidery skills, and will be staying with me.

And a close up . . .

We found these at last week's car boot sale, for just £1 each. 

This beautiful vintage Welsh wool blanket came in at a bit less than we might have paid at auction:

And the reverse:

Sad to relate, the latest chest infection has resisted two lots of anti biotics - it was greatly helped in its cause by the Doctor who knew I had a chest infection, but made me wait for the sputum test results before giving any anti-biotics (yeah - I'm popping a-b's for FUN).  As it happened, I had to go to the emergency out of hours doctor on a weekend because I was feeling so ill.  By then, it had really got a hold.  Now I am on some fairly heavy-duty a-b's, which I hope and pray will work though I am just on a short course, and have to see the Doctor again on Tuesday.  It WILL be the same Doctor though, which is a relief, as I see a different one each time and they don't look at my notes properly to see how long this has been going on.  Sorry to moan, but I am so fed up with being ill and having to "rest".  I am usually an active person and would like the choice of whether to rest or not.  The fact I am giving up the demon drink (Diet Coke) is not helping my cause . . .

I just don't have any energy or motivation to do anything much this week, although I am trying to plod on with quilt-making.  I am making better progress with the embroidery of the 3/4 finished tablecloth I bought back in the summer, truth be told, as it is just two colours, and one stitch (stem stitch).  I've nearly finished it now, although it will need a good wash as a Certain Cat (Theo I think) with Very Muddy Paws walked all over it . . .

He is a bright little cat - a thorough sea-going hooligan at times - but very affectionate.  If I am about, he tries to be Big and Bad when he's outside and the stray tom is about, but the tom (Ghengis Khan, a washed-out beigey-tabby) sometimes hides in wait for him and nabs him, then I hear Theo yelling for help and he hurtles in through the cat flap like the devil incarnate is on his tail!  Just lately he has really made me laugh though, as he has turned around and waited for the tom to follow him through the cat flap (not something I encourage!) and as his face appears, Theo whacks the cat flap with his paw and gets his revenge as it wallops Ghenghis in the whiskers!  I wish I could video it, as it is just SO funny.

I had hoped to share some Thomas Hardy poetry with you, and some London social history mutterings, and various other things which have taken my interest, but they will have to wait.


  1. I really feel for you. It must be so frustrating and depressing. As for the doctor thing, that used to drive me mad when we lived in the city so many years ago. They just don't have time to read your notes without getting really behind as the appointments are SO short. Here, we are better served, and can often see the practice doctors pretty quickly.

    I love the embroidery. I do wish I had the time/patience to sit down and do it. A big hug to you over the bridge and I hope those AB's start working soon. x

  2. I do hope you soon feel better. Doctors and I don't get on, we've had so much bunkum from Drs it doesn't give you any faith.
    Shame about the Hardy poem, I just love him. Have just read 'The Woodlanders' such a lovely book.

  3. Briobny - worry not, I shall put up the Hardy poem later on for us to enjoy. I love the Woodlanders. I have found that the female Doctors in the practice I am with are a hundred times better than the men . . .

    Em - I was fortunate the other day as the Doctor didn't have a huge queue behind me and was able to give the time I needed to understand my problem. My craftwork is usually done over the drear winter afternoons and black winter nights. I hate to sit idle. You have your artwork to distract you, and you draw better than I sew!

  4. I am so sorry about that infection - it does seem to have gone on for a long time I must say. Can you not make sure you see the same doctor each time? I make my appointments on line and only choose 'my' doctor, even if I have to wait a day or two.
    I do hope you soon beat that bug.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried steam inhalations?

  6. Pat - they have some receptionists down there who seem to make it impossible to see the doctor of your choice. I might have to wait two weeks to see one, and with a chest infection it is a case of Hobson's Choice really.

    Cait - I have used Thyme Oil in a sink of hot water, last thing at night, which helps ease it, but it's getting rid of this Haemophilus influenzae from my lungs which is the difficulty. It is very good at morphing and hiding, it would seem. I'm not entirely convinced this a-b is working. I get the test results tomorrow and whether or not the Cipro will kill it . . .

  7. sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, I know what you feel like, I'm on my sixth cold this year, a-b's don't really work and they upset my stomach for weeks, doctors just don't have the time so this cold I'm trying to get over by myself. Like you I'm usually fit and active and it's so frustrating plus I can't work out why I'm getting so many bugs - other than I work in a damp atmosphere. Maybe I need to work somewhere else but how can I be sure....? Hope you feel much better very soon.

  8. Elizabeth - all those colds must drag you down. I bought some Sambucol to try and help my immune system, but when it said : "Winter Use - 2-3 5ml spoonfuls 4 times a day" I knew it was going to be one bottle ONLY, as at 120ml in the bottle, it would be gone in 2 days flat! At £12 a time too. Keep warm.

  9. Wretched illness, there is not much I can say, just hang on in there and get better, and enjoy your embroidery. Be strong and a big hug. X
    p,s. the patterned blanket fascinates me, Welsh obviously, Middle Mill patterns spring to mind bit IS not, though the 'portcullis' pattern is there....

  10. I love your description of your cat's antics! I hope that you have started to feel better over recent days. All the best, Jx

  11. Oh I do feel for you Pat. I've just had three lots, and I'm still waking and coughing myself inside out at night (and waking DH, who is unappreciative!) It's wearing, and quite depressing, so don't be hard on yourself when you don't have the energy for much. I hope the sputum test comes back with an answer.