Thursday, 14 November 2013

My little unexpected reward

We went to auction yesterday, and bought three things, then left bids on two others.  I phoned late afternoon to see if I'd been successful with either of the tables I'd bid on, but was told no.  Anyway, in the - lunchtime! - post today, I had a bill from the auctioneers for the sewing table I had bought!  (£20 plus VAT).  Well . . .

It is solid oak, and Arts and Crafts in design.  The top would once have held the Frister and Rossmann Modern Cylinder Shuttle Sewing Machine Type D - I know because the little booklet for it was still inside the top.

Underneath - an unusual and rather Gothic cut out design, and above it the scooped base of the table top "cupboard".

Inside was a collection of Royal wedding memorabilia which is worth more than I paid for the table!  Here is a poem by John Drinkwater for the Coronation.  Drinkwater was one of the Dymock poets, and friend of Edward Thomas.

This alone is worth about £20 now, if ebay prices are anything to go by!  There are lots of newspapers and magazines dealing with Royal Weddings, which make very interesting reading.


  1. Gosh, how very interesting. I wonder what the story behind them is...?

  2. I think the lady who owned this has probably just died . I reckon it was her mother's from new, when it had the sewing machine in, then they had a little lid put where the sewing machine had been and used it as a desk. The mother and daughter both, it would seem, collected the Royal Wedding memorabilia. It got to the auction through house clearance.

  3. Your sewing table was a bargain! Beautiful.

  4. Everyone whos seen it loves it, me included of course!

  5. Lovely table, the top is beautiful, what is the wood?