Monday, 2 December 2013

Another day out at Malvern Fleamarket

If you thought Golliwogs were non-PC, just look at what he's wearing round his neck . . .  To overseas visitors, it's a Jim'll Fix It badge, given by the late and now despised proven paedophile Jimmy Saville, who was so good at collecting money for charity that a blind eye was turned to his "dark side" during his life. . .

We went to Malvern Fleamarket again yesterday.  On the way we stopped at the Brecon Militaria Fair, to meet up with a friend and have a wander round.  There's always plenty to learn.

This post will contain more examples of taxidermy, good and bad, so if you don't care for it, don't read on . . .

There are all sorts of different stalls.  Lots of house clearance, and some displays look more reminiscent of a car boot sale - though they can still yield gems on occasion.

I have a soft spot for these cream and green-edged enamel saucepans.  They remind me of my childhood.

There is always a lot of taxidermy about - quite often bad taxidermy, which I find drawn to photograph.  This (and his friends) had been a Spanish bullfighting bull.  Obviously a very brave one, to be preserved like this.  Unfortunately his stitch marks were a bit obvious.

You had a choice of colours . . .

There is always a vast selection of china - some desirable, some . . .  not!

If I'd had the money, this watercolour of a cracking cob called "Nobby" would have come home with me.  Ticket price was £100, but I'd have haggled . . .

I was a little perplexed as to what this might be - a sort of glorified wool winder, which combined different colours of yarn?  Dunno.  Suggestions on a postcard please . . .

A civet cat.

There are always lots of foxes.  This is not a 3 legged one, I think the fourth leg must be behind his brush.

This leery fox has the oddest expression, and reminds me of someone but I can't quite think who.  A politician probably . . .  Forgive me if I have photographed him before, as this stallholder does all the big Fleamarkets for miles around.

This poor little chap was obviously one of life's early casualties.

Some didn't even make it to an upright position.

Not for me - a whole new take on a three-legged stool . . .

A pretty little hexagon cushion snuggled in a nice copper pan.

There is always lots of costume jewellery.  Here is a lovely display for my daughters to delight in.

Finally it was time to leave Malvern.

Taking photos of scenery from a moving car is always difficult

Typically, a car came round the corner as I pressed the button!

Anyway, we had a lovely day, although driving home in the approaching dark was tiring, especially in that period between very dimpsey and actual darkness.  I bought a couple of things, which I will share with you later.


  1. I love that patchwork cushion and the saucepans too - they remind me of childhood too. As for the stool.....I kind of like it but, once placed in the house, I think I might change my mind!

  2. 'Glorified wool winder', or elaborate spinning wheel? vaguely Indian, someone's invention that did not work? tis a puzzle, poor 'manky' fox, not a very good job there then ;)

  3. Em - I was quite inspired to make a similar small hexagons (mine are usually twice that size) cushion. Plenty of other things to finish first though. The stool was . . . different!

    thelma - it was weird, that's for sure, and I couldn't reach over to read the ticket. The 'manky' fox is one off a legion, who seem to do the rounds of the Fleamarkets. He looks rather put out! A Facebook friend suggested he had wind!!

  4. I love the last photo car and all.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Love the hexagon cushion - but the stuffed bodies....! Lovely photos of the countryside too so thank you for showing those.

  6. What an eclectic mix of "treasures" ! I think I would have passed on the taxidermy but I would have loved a closer look a the china stall.

    Lovely photos of your road home.

  7. A lovely visit to Malvern flea market. Stuffed animals are quite gross-I'm not sure where your would put them in your home...I like mine quite alive and running about! Lots of interesting things for sale, I think it would be quite hard not to buy too much.

  8. Enjoyed each and every of your pictures - and the ones of the various sales made me long for the season of sales here! None to be had in the winter aside from the shop here n there which while pleasant are not the same at all... I miss the being outdoors and the jumble of items/colors/randomness that spring/summer/fall sales have. oh and the haggling that shops (here) disdain, lol

    Was fascinated by the horse treating iron - 'oft wondered how one medicated a horse sans a good bite n loss of finger or thumb..... I have in the barn a horse hoof shaped rubber boot (one of my prize items as its so odd) that was an old vets tool for treating hoof and lower leg maladies.

    Off I go to catch up on more of your posts!

    Warm wishes, Issy