Sunday, 8 December 2013

Jennifer only realized she had a problem with her hoarding . . .

. . . when she could no longer reach the kettle!

This is the kitchen (the hall is in a similar state) as we have a HUGE clear out in the Junk Room of Doom.  Much of this is the detritis of living here for 25 years and not really chucking anything away. . . 

We have now got a charity shop pile, another auction pile and a keep-and-hope-to-sell pile starting to form in the hall.

Ancient Hoover vacuum anyone?  It was my late ma-in-law's and is just one item of the "stuff" we inherited after her death.  It is still capable of sucking the carpet off the floor! 

Anyway, duty calls.  I had better get back to the Pit Face . . .


  1. Oh dear. If I attempt a clearing of massive proportions I get it all 'drug out' and then am too tired to sort it all and get it out of my way. I hope you find a quiet place to plunk down with a cup of tea!

  2. Just collapsing in a heap now. Getting it OUT was actually surprisingly quick. The hard part was manouvreing half a roll of very heavy woollen carpet 100 yds from mum's bedroom, through her kitchen, up the yard, round the front of the house, up the hall, turn left and then try to jam it in through a right-angled doorway. . . Fortunately I was not involved in this (bless my menfolk) apart from moving ancestral portraits, a gun and a tyg . . .

    I have thoroughly overdone it now (too much leaning forward) and I have a little Pleurisy niggle which I hope I can remedy with a hotty botty clamped to my chest shortly!

  3. Hope you feel better soon and it doesn't settle in for the long run. Wow what a lot of stuff-I'm a clearer outer, can't stand load of things everywhere-so well done!

  4. Suzie - we inherited a lot of "stuff" when we cleared out my late ma-in-law's house. My OH has been hardening his heart and moving a lot of it on, so we are slowly getting there. Plus we have Fleamarket stuff amongst the general detritis.

  5. Here's to quick relief for your lung and hope that the hot bottle does the trick. That leaning can really make a big dent in how one's body feels, can't it ?~! I dread having to deal with parental units' belongings when that time arrives. Best to you and OH as the piles grow.

  6. Since the divorce I have moved twice (plus the fire) so I keep chucking stuff. I have some boxed stored for the children but I just try not to buy stuff.
    Old Hovers are the best !

    I loved your first sentence !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Lynda - I have to say, best of all is a warm bed overnight! The hotty botty whilst I'm on the sofa works quite well too though, and hot drinks. It's hard parting with family belongings - my husband said the chaps who came to take away the furniture from his mum's house, flat-packed (for the dump. . .) his mum's glass-fronted display cabinet and that hurt, seeing a part of his family history junked like that.

    parsnip - ah, it's the buying of stuff in the first place which is the stumbling block here, because of our car boot sale strolls. Having said that, we have some lovely belongings which are so "us" and cost very little. Then there is the "seemed like a good idea at the time" pile!

    I loved the first sentence too!! Summed me up yesterday : )

  8. I'm in the middle of a major declutter here (its taking me a long, long time as I am such a hoarder and find it hard to part with things especially books!!

    Hope you feel a bit better soon.

  9. R/Robin - I have been VERY good and hardened my heart over lots of books this past year, giving them to Charity shops when they haven't sold at car boot sale. We still have far too many though.

  10. I feel faint just looking at these pictures BB

  11. What will happen, when everything is at last 'sorted', and you move, you will remember all the things you gave away and want them back ;)

  12. Goodness, that was a scare at the start - I thought you actually 'lived' like that! I've never watched those 'hoarder programs' but people have told me about the houses of horror! It's nice to have a good old clean out - we've started doing our attic spaces now DH is retired (again!). After this Christmas, when returning the pretties to their 11 month home, we will only keep a few items because it's just too much work dragging all those boxes out - pleurisy is nasty, a heart attack worse!!

    Have a lovely Christmas with your family - I enjoyed your post, it brought home (Devon) closer as this year, sadly, I won't be crossing the pond!

    Mary in North Carolina - A Breath of Fresh Air