Monday 30 December 2013

Moving on

I think today is a good day to de-Christmas the house.  The tree only went up the weekend before the Big Day, and the decorations at much the same time, but I feel a need to move on, to look forward to what the New Year will bring and to Get Organized.

I have added keeping count of the pennies daily, rather than weekly, to my other ritual of meter reading.  I also want to liberate myself by having LESS although I know this is going to include books, which makes things difficult.  I still love archaeology, but I must confess I do not NEED quite a few of the Archaeology books on the shelf behind me, or many of the history books we have acquired over the years.  Mind you, books don't sell well on eBay and our sort of books are hard to find buyers for at a car boot sale, as I know their 2nd hand value in a bookshop and am reluctant to take just a pound for them (most people buying at car boot sales have two prices in mind - 50p a paperback (or less) and £1 a hardback).  Second hand bookshops offer a pittance and then sell for 10 or 20 times what they paid you.

As the house will be going back on the market on 1st March, with a new agent, and they will be coming mid-February to take photos and a video, we have much to do to get the house perfect.  Whilst the weather is preventing me doing anything much in the garden (bar feed the birds), I can at least concentrate on the interior.

I am trying to take my health in hand too and spent a small fortune in Waverley Stores on Saturday (one of our local Health Food shops), including buying some immune-system boosting pills.  I have only had three, so it's early days yet, but I have ENERGY today.  I cannot remember the last time I had energy and wanted to DO things.  

By the way, the weather forecasters have now deemed that instead of having three months of Arctic weather, we are now having a month of torrential rain and gales.  So there will be more of the flooding pictures.  I had to go out the top way this morning, to take my son to work, and avoided the bottom river lane on the way back when I discovered the river running VERY high and up and over the big rock which is the warning sign for it being across the road round the next bend.  One good reason for keeping a good storecupboard, which I think I need to tidy up and sort out - having had my daughter discover a bottle of special ketchup dating back to 2003 . . .


  1. Yes .. we all need to be as fit as we can be for the challenges ahead ... I find juicing helps get lots of good vitamins into my body .. I'm not too good at eating fruit.
    Soon be back to the mad round of carboots .. loading and unloading the van .. oh joy!
    I hate this wind .. I don't mind a bit of snow ... but the damp wet gets into my joints and I ache!

  2. I think we all feel that need to sort ourselves out after Christmas, to clean the nest out as it were and throw out all the old moss and twigs. I do hope you have better health in the coming year and that you find the house of your dreams.

  3. Good Morning!
    I too thought of taking the tree down today, then thought that we'd probably do it New Years day, now after reading your post I've decided it's tidy up time so today it's all going away so we'll have a tidy house again, I really don't like clutter. I too thought about sorting my books but I find it hard, I love books, they are a comfort, a great place to lose oneself into so it's hard to part with them and you're right, no one wants to pay for them so the few I do let go I do donate to the Oxfam charity shop, we have a nice one locally, they look after the books and sell them at sensible prices. I'm actually looking forward to 2014 so I too need some energy, the rain and winds don't help anyone's mood and with what you've been through in the last few months a little help from the health shop must be very welcome - which product did you get as I'm sure I could do with some. Take care and stay snug. Hugs, Elizabeth.

  4. Vicky - I prefer the wet to the cold, as my body can't deal with cold AND fight this long-standing infection. Plus rain normally means milder temperatures so less heating oil used to try and keep the house warm (think sprawling Welsh stone farmhouse here). So I hope you have cold weather up on Ynys Mon and we will drive round the flooding down here!

    Pat - although I have not been very good at keeping on top of the muddle these past couple of years, I hate it being that way, so I will do it in managable bits. Love the idea of the moss and twig turnout!

  5. Free listing on evilbay at the moment (til about 5th Jan I think). I'm decluttering and detoxifying too.
    I have to take vit D supplements as I have fibromyalgia and just found out D3 is the best to take - doctors never said anything- yes take care of your health and have less things. I'm taking the same line now, keep what you love or need and let the rest fly the nest.
    Hope you have a super 2014, the house sells and a new one appears for you. I think the house market is just picking up now.

  6. Thanks for that comment sharie. I will pass the vit. D3 suggestion on to a friend who is almost wheelchair bound from fibro. I hope it helps her too. I have every digit crossed for the house selling in 2014!!! I have noted the free listing on ebay, and will get myself organized!

  7. today is a good day to de-Christmas the house.

    Oh YES! My husband knows me so well, he moved the xmas tree out of the "big room" while I was out dog walking. He did put it in the small sitting room, but it is one step closer to the loft as that's OK ha ha
    I love to get xmas cards, but I get tired of them being on display very quickly and long to scoop them all up into a pile.

    I hope you will have success with your new agent, I keep hearing reports of how the housing market is picking up and you live in such a lovely house, in an idyllic location, so it all bodes well.

  8. Love love love the cloud photo !
    I will be taking down my decorations down on New Years Day. My birthday is the 4th and I really dislike having to clean the house on my day !
    I hope your health gets better in the New Year.
    Please tell me if you think the pill are helping I have several auto immune problems and I am interested in your results.
    Good Luck with the new agent ! keeping my fingers crossed.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Kath - Tam asked that I didn't remove Christmas from the house till she'd gone, so I just took the cards down yesterday. Everything else will be going away today. I think the housing market IS picking up, but whether that includes former mansions in Welsh-speaking Wales, I don't know . . . Let's hope so.

    parsnip - glad you like the photo. It looked "angrier" the other side of the camera lens. The immune-boosting pills seem to be giving me some energy back, which can only be a positive thing. I am looking at all the immune-boosting foods too (basically, all fruits and vegetables, though some are better than others). But what I really need is an effective anti-biotic and some sunshine . . .

  10. It'll be March before we know it as time seems to be flying along. Good luck with the house clear out and estate agent-isn't it about time 'that lot' were regulated and trained? It seems crazy that we allow our most expensive asset and important transactions to be handled by unqualified people!