Tuesday 27 May 2014

It's hectic here

May is a beautiful month up our valley.  Tam is here for the week and so we took the opportunity to unwind and have a little walk further up the valley. Nothing strenuous, just enjoyment of the peaceful river and wildlife.

The steep slope up towards the old swinging bridge has been cleared in parts and new trees planted.  This is a mass of Foxgloves in summer.

Looking upstream from the swinging bridge.  Which actually doesn't swing any more, but it used to and the name has survived.

Looking downstream.

The path beckons . . .

View across the valley with a carpet of bluebells on the top slope.

The path ahead.  I wish you could hear the birdsong.

Time to count blessings, I think . . .

We had a REALLY hectic weekend, and are only just starting to recover from the early starts, standing, packing, unpacking, walking around.  We went to Malvern Fleamarket on Monday and were there over 7 hours, going round the stalls.  It was fun, brilliant, rewarding - and exhausting.  We had a brilliant bottle of wine from Ledbury, but unfortunately it was the last straw that broke the camel's back for my asthma and I spent the night wheezing and upping my medication.  The photos we took are on Tam's camera and I hope I can upload them whilst she's here but if she needs her connector-thingy, they will have to wait until next week when she is back at home.

Anyway, I have taken photos of some of my Malvern goodies, so will put those up tomorrow.


  1. How lush and green your beautiful valley is! I can imagine how good it was to walk the woodland pathways with your daughter.

  2. Everything looks so verdant. Beautiful. Hope your asthma improves.

  3. A place where foxgloves naturalize is beyond my experience. I'm delighted to have half a dozen of them this season. At that, several appeared in the most difficult garden strip--the one I decided to abandon as it gets washed out in a heavy rain.
    What beautiful opportunities you have for walks!

  4. So beautiful, lush green and even looks like the air feels cool.
    We are in fire season and the air is hot. It was 85 when I got up this morning. Our high will be 105 today.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Lovely photos, lovely header and great news that your wandering cat has returned.

  6. Lovely photos of a really beautiful walk. I love the foxglove photo as your header :) Hope your asthma improves soon.

  7. Thank you for all your kind comments. It is really lovely here, and our valley takes some beating, especially at this time of year.