Friday, 23 May 2014

The wanderer returns and other cat updates

It was with GREAT relief on Wednesday that we welcomed home our wandering hunter, who had been away 10 days on a hunting trip along the valley.  The weather had been pretty good, and even the bits of rain didn't bring him back.  However, just when I was starting to think that he had been poisoned by the p.i.g. of a gamekeeper down the valley, he strolled in the door and demanded breakfast, and some more please, in true Oliver Twist fashion.  I was surprised, as it wasn't raining, as that's what normally brings him home.  However, I underestimated the little hirsute barometer, as at lunchtime it began to pour and set in all day and night, and Little Whale ate another 3 breakfasts and a main meal and pronounced his timing to be perfect!  As you can see, he took up poll position on the sofa and his brother joined him for cuddles.  They have been sleeping jammed two to a one-cat box in the kitchen ever since : )

Banshee's eye is slowly improving, and she is still on eye drops and also having the last of the Metacam.  She has been basking in the sunshine outside, and is absolutely DELIGHTED that we had someone in to cut the paddock grass, which was getting towards waist height and full of Dock.  It didn't do my asthma any good, but HAD to be done.  But something good may have come out of it, so watch this space  . . .  I have tempted fate enough already so fingers crossed.

Ban has been sat out here, hunting, and when I tried to get her in last night, ran away from me at a speed I've not seen her employ for several years now!  We need to do some raking up, or perhaps that will be my OH because of the pollen.  I am struggling with allergies and asthma right now and back on a short course of steroids, but not too bad overall.  T arrives tomorrow, and we have two Fleamarkets lined up for the Bank Holiday weekend.  The Malvern trip will mean getting up at 4 a.m.

I bought myself a super-duper new pillow (Memoryfoam one) yesterday but it has made my neck bad so I had to change it back to the old one in the middle of the night, having tossed and turned for 6 hours - including an hour downstairs on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book.  I think I should sleep well tonight!


  1. Memory foam mattresses are great, but the pillow version knackered my neck too.
    I love that shot of the two boys curled asleep together. Our puss cats used to go off hunting for days at a time when I was a girl too.

  2. I left my favorite pillow at our first hotel on our recent vacation-my neck has hurt ever since! Bought a new one, but it's just not the same!

  3. Our family gets quite militant about pillows--I sometimes wonder if we are neurotic--but it does seem that a pillow that doesn't suit spoils a night's rest and leaves one with the proverbial kink in the neck.
    Our Willow-Cat has taken to wandering off for 2 or 3 days at a time--she is such a fuss maker that my relief at her reappearance is not always whole-hearted.

  4. I am so happy your cat came back.
    And if I didn't say before I love your header photo. Have a lovely weekend.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. So pleased little Whale came home again and that Ban`s eye is improving.
    Your paddock does look smart now!

    I tried a memory foam pillow at one time and it made my neck worse, so it was abandoned......

  6. Glad Whale came home, independent little creature. I have never owned a memory pillow, but surely if you sleep with neck and shoulders on the pillow the spine is kept straight?

  7. One of mine goes off for days, I remind myself he was born feral & came here as a wild adult so I just have to trust he can look after himself. He gets that " aren't you pleased to see me ?" look when he turns up again.