Sunday 18 May 2014

The garden in May

G, our middle daughter, is home with us this weekend, which is a lovely change.  We sat out in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine.  I am fast reaching the end of my book (Phil Rickman's The Wine of Angels) but still have a pile to enjoy afterwards.

The garden is looking at its best at the moment.  Having written that, I can see grass where none is meant to be!!!

What a shame we have no one along to view the house yet, though it is headlined on Profile Homes' website at present.

One view of the main pond.

Some of my aquilegias.  All tousled pale pink in this spot.

A combination of Weeping Widow (Geranium phaeum) and the black clematis-petalled Aquilegia here.  I have the former all around the garden now - it seems to like it here.

I bought 5 cut-price Scabious this week, and have popped them in gaps around the garden.

A corner of the wildlife pond.

Banshee asleep on my lounger.  She has a damaged eye after the ex-tom Ghenghis chased her and bowled her over.  It was mending, then it must have happened again last Wednesday when Ban insisted on being outside whilst we were at the Hospital.  I am hoping that there will be signs of improvement soon but it still covered in a film of blood from a damaged blood-vessel.  She has some eye-drops and is on Metacam to help with the pain.  Fingers crossed that she mends soon . . .


  1. What a beautiful garden BB - you should be very proud of it.

  2. Such a lovely garden.

    I hope Banshee's eye is much better soon.


  3. your garden is beautiful, and I popped over to view your gorgeous home - wow you will be sad to leave I guess, it will surely sell quickly.

  4. Ghenghis sounds like a proper horror--he can't forget his tom-ish ways. I hope Banshee's eye will heal.
    I would love a stroll in your garden--it is a credit to your labors. How quickly the most beautiful areas change. Perhaps one of the reasons we love flowers is for their fleeting quality of beauty.

  5. Poor cat, I hope her eye clears up soon, I hate when my pets are ill. Your garden look beautiful and will hopefully be a real selling point for the house..hope you get some viewings soon.

  6. I am so amazed by your garden.
    Be sure to take some photos to show how beautiful you garden is in the spring and summer. A selling point for sure.
    I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful cat. Hamish has had lens replacement so I understand how upset you are. I hope she gets better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Thanks parsnip. It looks better at some times rather than others! May is good : )

    SSuzie - we have our fingers crossed - there is a slight clearance from the top corner I think - HOPE. I hope we get some viewings soon too.

    Sharon - Wish you were here so I could show you round. Some bits of the garden I'm proud of but I'm struggling with the paddock bit and should never have started it!

    SSSmallholder - well, we think it's lovely, but I expect buyers will think it's dated and want to make changes. I don't mind as long as someone likes it as much as we have. As for selling quickly - this IS Wales unfortunately.

    Lorraine - lovely to see you again, and thank you for wishing Banshee well (along with everyone else who has of course).

    Pat - it started off as plain lawn with 3 apple trees . . .

  8. There is no month more beautiful than May. My mum wanted to call me May but my dad objected for some reason. Your garden is stunning. x

  9. Thanks Em. You don't look like a May, I have to say. Glad you like my garden.

  10. Lovely post with all the sunny flowers. My sympathies re Banshee's eye. Really hope it settles down for her.

  11. Thanks CT. Ban is currently out on the lounger (which of course, I put out there specially for her!) Ghengis came and plonked himself down beside it, and when I was looking out, she swiped him on the head and he scuttled off!!! I am hoping it is healing as I can see a tiny bit of golden eye above the blood now, and it's a bigger bit than yesterday - unless it has been there all the time and I didn't noticed it, but fingers crossed.

  12. Oh my, poor Ban, I hate that there are no Equals in the Animal Kingdom; it's what drives these domination displays. I know an ex-tom who can be the same way and it's sad cuz he has no reason to act that way-from my perspective anyway !~! Your May gardens captivate and delight, BB; you've so many reasons to be proud of your home. I hold you up to the Universal Selling Goddess and send buyers your way...

  13. Lynda - I REALLY hope that the Universal Selling Goddess is paying attention! Glad you like my garden too. It looks pretty good at the minute, though I say it myself!

  14. Tis a wonderful time of year and your garden looks fabulous, enjoy it!