Saturday, 2 August 2014

A very wet weekend . . .

As I write it is chucking it down with rain outside. Not a good day to be out and the good car boot sale in town will definitely NOT be taking place, which is disappointing.  We shall head up to our nearest village to check out the indoor car boot sale there (nothing to get excited about usually) and also a garage sale in the same village.

We may go into town afterwards as I need more seagrass to cover with material to restore a little footstool.  It is in shades of purple, lilac and white, with a bit of purply-maroon thrown in for good measure.  These cottons come from a couple of pillow cases I found in charity shops, so they came cheaply.

After a fortnight of my very low histamine diet, I am ending today, as it would appear it is Alcohol, Dairy, and one or two other bits which affect my asthma. Anything with sulphites in is a no-no too, and of course, I have long known that motorway driving with lots of heavies about does me no good either.  All those tiny particulates from the diesel affect me.

I shall still be aware of what foods are high in histamines and try and avoid them.  To be honest though, it would be very easy to get paranoid about what you were eating for fear it would make you ill, and then you are just a step away from food-phobia and Anorexia.  I have an appointment at the Hospital later this month, so will discuss it with my Respiratory Nurse then, and see what the way forward is.

We had a lovely morning yesterday when friends came round for coffee and cake. I made a luscious Rhubarb and Custard cake, the recipe of which will be swiftly added to my personal recipe book of favourites.

We were talking about re-caning a child's highchair I have had awaiting restoration and my friend is an expert at recaning and will show me how it's done so I can restore things in future.  I can't wait for my lessons, as I love learning new crafts.  

Time to get on with the day now.


  1. I know what you mean about worrying so much about food. I just stopped going to a prepackaged diet food group. To eating what I should and I know what that is, and so far I have started to lose weight again.
    Good luck with finding out what you need to eat no always what you can't.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I always cook from scratch. Once in a blue moon I have something "instant" and think, that tastes crap, why did I bother!