Wednesday 30 July 2014

Time to rest occasionally and return trip to Manorbier

Here is one of my "resting" projects for the summer, when I decide to sit in the shade and put my feet up.  I hate to be idle, but will allow myself embroidery or a good book to read.  Obviously, this is the embroidery project, a half-finished linen tablecloth which came in a bundle from a car boot sale.

Yesterday I had arranged to take a dear friend, who sadly is in poor health now, to Manorbier, as she had never been there.  Her grandson had been staying the night and came with us.  It was lovely to be surrogate grandparents for a day!

This is looking back at the castle from the path to the beach.

The inner ward of the castle and the hall-range, now available for weddings.  This was built in the 12th C by Gerald of Wales' father, William de Barri.

The enormous fireplace and chimney in the Great Hall.  They knew how to impress in those days.

This kitchen hearth was equally impressive.  In between this and the hall is a deep well, which also gave access to the beach . . .

Bear's Britches, with A just in the picture.

Another stretch of long border.

Hardy Fuschias.

Looking back towards the gatehouse (far left), with the cafe (open door) beside it, and the holiday home with the tower behind it.

A close-up of the holiday home.  Isn't it lovely?

Then, having eaten - and I have to say that the Rhubarb and Elderflower Cheesecake was DIVINE - we made our way down to the beach.

Barnacles and beadlet anemones sit it out until the tide reaches the rock pools again.  Fortunately it wasn't too hot a day - just right.

In a wetter rock pool there were some tiny fish darting about.  Not that you can spot them here!

A's grandson proving he was brave enough to put his head under water (braver than me then!)

Oops - I think he opened his nostrils too soon . . .

But it didn't deter him.

The high spot of the day was him wishing he could see a Grasshopper for the first time, and me stopping to shake the sand from my shoes and finding myself surrounded by them.  He was delighted.

Rosebay Willow Herb which I stopped to photograph on the way home.  


  1. Hi BB

    Long time no speak to. Thank you for your lovely post on Manorbier I went there for the first time when I was 14 and we had borrowed a camper van and ended up with a tent (two teenagers in close proximity not always a good thing. I must say it does not look as though it has changed much it was very beautiful then and looks as though it is in a time bubble. Memories of a happy time and the Gower Peninsula is indeed beautiful. We had our first fresh mackeral pan bought off two young teenagers and fried for tea - something that since then we have had on an off over the years as a firm favourite. Hope you are keeping well take care Pattypan xx

  2. Pattypan! Lovely to hear from you again. I think I must have lost the link to your blog when I had computer problems earlier in the year. I shall go there immediately. (I left a comment under your thrifty post).

    I'm glad you have happy memories of Manorbier. We've been there twice this summer and as you said, it's like it's in a time bubble.

    Health improved now, so fingers crossed, although I'm having blips with the histamine intolerence at present.

  3. I tried to leave this comment before so ignore one it you get two!

    Lovely post- the castle is gorgeous, as is the holiday cottage and the sea. I just love the way kids throw themselves into simple joys and I'm very glad he got to see his grasshopper.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day out. Cheesecake sounds delicious too.

  5. CT - Just one comment appeared. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    SS - I have been trying to find that cheesecake recipe on line with no success . . .