Friday, 29 August 2014

Part II - the View from the Top

As we began to climb, we passed through a gate and these two ponies were happily grazing.

It was quite a challenge and I had to keep stopping, but no shame in that.

Looking back on Worms Head.

The views more than compensated for the aching legs (and it was my legs as much as my breathing which had slowed me down).  Looking across the coastline to North Devon and Exmoor on the far side.

Heather, ling and gorse in full bloom.

Whatever direction we looked in there were stupendous views.

Just to prove I made it!  And how much I need to lose weight . . .

Looking back towards Burry Holmes, now cut off by the tide.

Then looking back towards Worms Head.

There are more photos than I thought, so I will post the last tomorrow.  This is the remains of a burial chamber amongst the heather.


  1. Fantastic views, what a brilliant place to walk.

  2. It was, and for a change I wasn't wishing I was the other side of the Bristol Channel.

  3. Our heather is out on the moor too BB. It lasts such a little time but the bees are taking full advantage of every minute.
    I have been trying for weeks to get you on to my side bar, but for some reason I couldn't do it until today when it worked easil.y

  4. Wonderful views and what a beautiful walk. Lovely to see the colours of the gorse and heather intermingled :)

  5. Pat - glad I returned to your side bar! I was so pleased to see the heather in bloom this summer as I miss the New Forest and Dartmoor for that reason.

    R.Robin - it goes beautifully together in nature, but wouldn't look so good on a human I feel!