Monday, 15 September 2014

Phew! What a week . . . Part II of Builth, finally.

My apologies for not having finished the second part of the Builth post.  Life got in the way.  A couple of photos and then on to a round up of what we've been up to here.

Four little maids from school are we . . .  Aren't they lovely?  Not sure if they were meant to be small mannikins originally, to show off dresses, or what?

A reflection of me in the picture I would have liked to buy, had he not had a silly price on it.  This is the Thoroughbred racehorse "Othello" who had several of the pillars of the TB stud book running in his veins., but notably the Byerley Turk.

A bevy of cats.  I SO WANTED the little ginger Royal Doulton cat in the front.  She was so pretty and whimsical, but at  £28 not for me as I was all spent out by this time.  One day . . .

Beauatiful things on the other side of the same stall.  I had a lovely chat with the stallholder too and hope she had a good weekend.  Aren't those hares adorable, and the Whipetty-dog, and the lady of Godiva . . .

I'm not normally a glass person, but some of the pieces here were delectable - especially the ones on the left top.

This was more me though.  These stallholders had really invested massively in stock.  Some delectable horses there.

Of course, the one I REALLY liked was this Arab  bust. . .

I preferred the first darker colour.  My Fahly to the life, only he didn't have quite such a pronounced dish to his face.

I struck lucky when I found a stall holder with a great selection of Torquay pottery pieces, going cheaply.  So I bought . . .

and I bought . . .

and I bought . . . (already had the middle vase, a rare and early one) . . .

and I bought. . . .  All these pieces cost just £4 or £2 each.  I spent under £20.  And then I had to take down all the old stoneware huntsman pottery I had on this shelf and put my new goodies on it (the stoneware stuff to be sold/got rid of).

Just to show you the entire row, one back from the above photo is . . .

A lovely big jug I bought recently (£5) and the unusual/rare Violet jar without a lid cost me the same price (too much truth be told as no lid) at Malvern, but the chap wouldn't budge, and it IS unusual.

Finally, I bought two beautifully=pieced quilt tops to make up, hand-quilt, and then sell on.

I prefer the first one, colour-wise, but this is bright and pretty, and has curved seams too.

Lots of work there for me this winter . . .

I shall try and do another post today or tomorrow, to show you what has been keeping me busy in the kitchen.


  1. I collect hares - cards, pictures, sculptures - anything to do with this beautiful,magical animal - so you can imagine that I was drooling at that table ot hares.

  2. Actually I liked the horses as well as the hares, must be very tempting to spend at these fairs, not sure I could cope!

  3. You know I would have spent happy moments in the stall with the cat figurines! I like your Torquay teapot as well.
    The first of your two quilt tops appears to have fabrics collected over late 80's and 90's--the second looks like fairly recent fabrics--nice curved piecing.

  4. Thanks Sharon - I can now call it vintage!! I have the batting for it, but need some cotton backing. I'm looking forward to getting it all basted so I can start quilting, and may use a Carmarthenshire pattern on it. I must put up photos of the sad quilt I bought at an auction last week - fabulous quilting patterns but the top either side is badly faded in parts.

    thelma - it is terribly temping but we had to buy to sell, so it had to be the bargain basement stuff in the back sheds (house clearance mainly). The secret is finding something you know you can make a profit on and the seller doesn't know the real value of! Everyone is at it though!!

    Pat - those hares were so beautiful and I can understand your drooling. Do you have many pieces in your collection?

  5. So interesting to look at. But I am fairly good at not buying anything because I don't have any place for them.
    But I would have to take a second look at the hares.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. What a lovely trip out, you see so many wonderful things that I would completely miss!