Saturday, 6 September 2014

Setting up in business!

This week I finally achieved a long-held dream, to start trading in a small Unit as part of a bigger Antiques Centre.  Here are a few photos to show the first few things we have put in.  A rocking chair here, nearly obscured by a pretty patchwork quilt, and a lovely hand-crocheted bedspread, both late 1960s/early 1970s.

We have an eclectic mix - from Roman legionary helmet, to Clarice Cliff bowl, Welsh blankets to the lock off a church or chapel, and in the corner, one of the signal cannons my husband has been collecting for a while, and a recent upgrading has released this one for sale.

Anything from a Shelley vase to a ship's wheel, from a stool to a horse's hoof, from an old butter churn to a Victorian railway lantern.

We have some good wall space to fill up.

I don't carry very much china - plenty of others doing that.  Just a few pieces which I have enjoyed at home for a couple of years, and now time to move it on.  The bells are an ARP bell (front) and a town crier's bell behind.

This shows one side, with the Militaria side of things in the glass display cabinet.

It's early days yet.  We give it a tweak and rearrange things to look better each time we go in.  It's hard to concentrate only on what you would like to sell when you have things which need to go to make room for new stock, so I think it will gradually evolve.  I have two lovely horse sculptures to go on display when there is room.

Anyway, we had an enjoyable day in Builth Wells today, at the big Antiques Fair there, so I shall post some photos of that tomorrow.


  1. Looks a very interesting mix of things, I hope you get lots of sales

  2. I do hope that it all goes well for you. I must say that it all looks most interesting.

  3. Well done sweetheart things are looking good. Hope everything goes well. Take care



  4. Pleased to see how you have arranged things for your booth. There is definitely a sense of artistic harmony. I think this is similar to the Peddlers' Mall concept or an indoor flea market. I have found that items attractively arranged will lure me in for a closer look while a hodge-podge of things which one would need to paw through is not as inviting.

  5. Ooh, soooo exciting! Well done you. Looking forward to hearing how you get on x

  6. Your shop is looking lovely, it must be so much fun, moving and rearranging it all :D
    I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of your walk, they calmed me no end :D

  7. Good Luck with your new venture :) The shop looks so pretty and beautifully arranged. Look forward to hearing how you get on - it certainly looks the type of place I would love to browse :)

  8. Thanks everyone. We got our first sales today too! Tomorrow is rearrange it all to make it look like you've put fresh stock out day!!! Plus a few extra things to make it more interesting (one hopes . . .) LOVE doing it.

  9. Best of luck, I hope all goes well and that you enjoy it too.

  10. How wonderful! I wish I could just hop over to Wales and enjoy browsing. So many neat things to choose from - you certainly have a good eye! I hope you have a great time with this venture and it is immensely successful!


  11. It looks lovely Jennie, what an exciting new venture, good luck with it!