Saturday, 15 November 2014

Keeping busy

It's Fleamarket time again, and whilst I don't have any of these lovely beauties to sell tomorrow (I SO WANT that Arab bust in the front!) I do have several Beswick horse and dog pieces, and also two very nice cast iron statues of a mare and foal, and two Pointer dogs which I am hoping someone will fall in love with.
I have just been cleaning two old brass shell cases - well, getting them as best I can anyway - and cleaning and polishing some English leather driving reins.  Everything is packed - though only thanks to my husband's VERY creative packing did we manage to stow in the two rocking horses, Cobweb and Tommy, AND umpteen other things.  Let's hope it goes well tomorrow.

Whilst I was baking some Chocolate Blackberry Brownies to take tomorrow (by popular request!) I was listening to a wonderful programme on Radio 4 (Soul Music) about Shropshire broadcaster Sybil Ruscoe talking about the loss of her great uncle in WW1, and the programme also looked at her, and  of 2 other people's responses to A E Houseman's poems set to music, primarily George Butterworth's setting "A Shropshire Lad".  It was such beautiful music, and a very interesting and timely programme.  I'd never heard of Butterworth before, but will seek him out now.

What I really wanted to do was to sit down quietly by the fire, and read Derek Tangye's book "The World of Minack" which I discovered in The Works yesterday (£4) and treated myself to.  Well out of print, and just a diary with extracts from his books, but good illustrations and I have wanted to re-visit Minack in the last year.  After Tea I shall . . .

I will be up at 5 a.m. tomorrow, so it will be an early night tonight and fingers crossed that it is a good day.


  1. Yes .. early for us too. Its frosty out .. so I think I will be taking a hotwater bottle with me to warm my knees as we sit in line waiting for the carboot shed to open .. oh joy!
    Have a good day tomorrow .. its supposed to be a nice day .. so hopefully people/customers will come out.

    Vicky x

  2. I'm taking hot soup and wearing my walking boots and hand-knitted woollen socks. Only the Antiques folk have the benefit of heating (we are deemed not to pay enough for that perk!) Have a good day Vicky and keep warm.

  3. I love that white horse with its foal., So elegant. Would look stunning against the right background.

  4. Well keep the feet and head covered and stay warm....
    The brownies sound so good !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hope it all went well - no doubt you will tell us today.
    I had completely forgotten the Minack books - I used to adore them and read them all years ago. Wonder where I could find them for a re-read.

  6. Well I hope by now you have had a very good day.

  7. Suzie - the selling was dire! We sold dealer pieces first thing, then only ONE other thing all day! BUT we bought well, as you will hear tomorrow.

    Pat - it was a good day, as we got two lovely Victorian sewing tables . . . and I got a couple of things I shall tell all about tomorrow. You will be able to buy the Minack books on Ebay (and from Amazon where some start at 1p!!)

    parsnip - fortunately it was sunny outside and not TOO cold inside, and my soup warmed me up.

    Chris - isn't sh elegant? A sort of parian-ware version of the bay mare and foal alongside her.

  8. I have always fancied going to see Minack, expect it must be different now. Never a good idea to visit places that have moved on in time.