Saturday, 21 February 2015

Off to foreign parts

I am off down to Hampshire again tomorrow morning to see my best friend again.  I'll be back on Thursday, when normal service should return.

A quick photo from today, when I went to see my other dear friend who is very poorly (but bright and cheerful today, I'm glad to say).

It had been trying to snow on and off all day.  Here is a view on the way home.

Here was a wonderful mossy green dingly dell!  EVERYTHING was covered liberally in moss . . .


  1. I'm sure ther be faeyre's in that they're dingly dell ..!

    Vicky x

  2. It is trying to snow here too tonight.
    I hope you have a safe journey and that you find your dear friend feeling a little better. You are so good to keep going
    down to see her - I am sure she appreciates it very much.

  3. I wonder if the snow will ever get this far east this year - it's nearly too late

  4. I love your pictures that you post!!! Lovely!!!

    Kelly :o)

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  6. That's just what I thought Vicky, but I think they must have been colour co-ordinated as I couldn't see them . . .!

    Pat - sadly she had to go into Hospital whilst I was there, but I'll write that up properly in a little while.

    Smallholder - it's been known for us to have snow late in March - just when all the bulbs are flowering away. Not too much of it, and not lasting, but it happens regularly.

    Lilac CH - welcome. I'm so glad that you like my photos. Some more nice ones coming up!

    Please ignore that last advertising post . . .