Monday, 2 February 2015

More photos from Lincoln Cathedral

The tomb of St Hugh at Lincoln Cathedral.  Born in Avalon, his family moved to Grenoble, so he travelled a long way to become the Bishop of the cathedral, although that said, he was a deacon at Witham Chartherhouse in Somerset in 1179 so was already on English soil.  He was made Bishop of Lincoln in 1186.  He is associated with a Swan - originally a territorial nasty-tempered beast, but with St Hugh, he became tame and biddable.  Hugh was canonized in 1220, and is the patron saint of sick children, sick people, shoemakers and swans.

Above and below, some lovely carved faces with great character from the Choir Screen.

Incredible work right across the Choir Screen.

The leather cap and the chisel behind his ear suggests that this was one of the Masons who worked here.

Leo the lion . . .

Weird faces guard a Bishop.

There were a number of Gardiner memorials in one area.  They were obviously an important local family.

More stunning stained glass.

Faces on the ceilings too . . .  These were in the Cloisters area.

Not sure if those are meant to be hands up at his mouth.  Why?

Some real magic for us two Pre-Raphaelite fans . . .

A few more photos shortly, and I have lots of the Museum too.


  1. Thank you BB. There are treasures to be found in every corner of Lincoln Cathedral. I love the stained glass, which has to be some of the finest in Europe. Beautiful.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it DW. Happy memories for you I think. Everyone seems to love Lincoln.

  3. I should have told you to look for the Lincoln Imp BB. I will try and do a post on him as I have a copy on my wall. He is up there among the gargoyles in the Cathedral. Am really enjoying the photographs. Re st Hugh - I was in St Hugh house at Grammar school. Many of our art lessons were spent sitting in the cathedral drawing various things. My school, which is no longer a school, was on Greestone Stairs - a stone's throw from the cathedral - and the boarding house was actually in Minster Yard. Happy Days.

  4. I did see him - our Tour Guide pointed him out to us. Thank you for your offer of a picture, Pat. Ah, you were obviously amongst the Very Best in Grammar School! Did you board then? Or were you a day girl?

  5. Thanks so much sharing all these beautiful photos of Lincoln Cathedral - I really have to visit having read your posts. I can't believe we drove very close last year when we had the day out at Scampton. Sadly, as we drove past Lincoln on the way home it was too late to visit.

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