Thursday, 18 June 2015

Garden, baking and Baby Yew Table

Welsh poppies, which have self-seeded themselves everywhere.

I was determined to get some baking done yesterday - I have almost been a stranger in my kitchen in recent weeks and have not had time to do more than throw together last minute scratch meals most evenings.  So, out came two of my well-used cookbooks:

And shortly afterwards, a batch of Blueberry Muffins (I may have had to eat one or two so these would fit on the plate . . .)

Blueberry Muffins were quickly followed by a Walnut Loaf, taken to risen dough stage in the Breadmaker, and then the chopped walnuts kneaded in and left to rise, before baking in a hot oven.  OH says it's nicer than a boughten one.  I should blardy well think so!!  I'll put up a fresh post with the recipe.

Pollen levels are ridiculously high, but the garden is getting so overgrown now and I just HAD to clear the Weeping Widow geraniums from one bed and then I could see where my Zepherine Drouhin rose was to stuff it through the plant support.

As you can see, the rose now just about fits in the plant-support (not meant for roses but a standard rose one wouldn't work) and I have some digging over to do.

A tad overgrown in the stoney garden, so I will have to wade in once the Aquilegias have set seed and have a good clear up.

Meanwhile my OH has been working on Son of Yew Table!!  This is a wee beastie we picked up for £2 at a car boot sale.  Someone had put a top and a shelf joined together on a hideous metal bracket shelf.  My OH saw potential in it, and the shelf is now made into supports.  I'll put up a photo when it's completed.


  1. The garden looks full of life, as does OH. I do not have a Welsh Poppy in sight, even though there are some in the gardens around me, I will be after some seed heads later on.

  2. The baking looks good! I've been cutting back hardy geraniums and aquilegias this week in an effort to stop them seeding. I have more than enough now, they've looked lovely though. The baby yew table is looking good, your DH is a talented chap:)