Sunday, 2 August 2015

A breath of sea air

As you will have seen from the change of header photo, we headed for the nearest bit of beach earlier in the week.  Our nearest beach is either at Llansteffan or opposite at Ferryside.  Both have good clean sandy beaches.  One of the first things we saw was this upended jellyfish.  It was interesting to see what it looked like underneath - 6 central bits, and then 12 external divisions and 12 arms . . .  I think it is probably a Moon Jellyfish.

Here on the beach, looking across the estuary mouth of the River Towy, towards Pendine in the foreground, and Rhossili Downs in the distance, which is where I clambered a year ago with daughter Tam and my friend Deb.  I couldn't manage it at the moment as I have scarcely walked all summer (though I did do a walk today and surprised myself by getting up our steep hill with just one stop.)

Rounding the point past the castle, and looking across Scott's Bay towards the last spike of land on the Laugharne side.

Looking up at Llansteffan Castle.  Neither of us could face the prospect of climbing up there, and we settled for a beach stroll rounded off with sitting on a bench with an ice cream.

The trees are bent sideways by the wind, and grow nearly to the beach.

The retreating tide left some pretty patterns in the sand.

The clouds were starting to stack up as we looked back up the Towy estuary.  In 1971 and 1972 I stayed with a penpal who lived in a cottage up on the far hillside.  I thought it was so beautiful in Carmarthenshire and it was the main reason we ended up here!  She had to move, but the odd thing is our eldest daughter's best friend lived next door to my penpal's cottage. . . . a few years on of course.

Iscoed Mansion - or the remains of it - snuggled into the hillside.  General Picton lived there.  Sadly it was destryed by fire and is now just a lofty ruin.

More clouds arriving over the cockle beds.

Looking back towards the cottages which fringe the beach, with a lovely house on the hillside which reminds me of the ones in the Puddle Lane childrens' books my girls used to have, back in the day . . . Gosh - that's just brought back some memories . . .  Old Mr Gotobed, The Gruffle and the Griffle and many more!

One last look up the beach, and grandad is doing well with the kite-flying.


  1. Looks lovely, just the kind of beach that I like, no amusement arcades but with ice cream.

  2. I know this area from years ago and it hasn't changed at all, which is fantastic. The beaches are so clean and unspoilt.
    That jellyfish is fantastic - it would have been easy to miss it (or to step on it!)

  3. It's about 8 miles out of Carmarthen Pam, so not too far from you. Have you discovered the delights of Pembrey Beach yet? Ben would LOVE it there - miles and miles of Blue Flag beaches, and woodland to retreat into if it is too hot/cold/blowy.

    Pat - Glad to have reminded you of your holidays here in the past. It's a lovely spot and the nearest beach for our 3 when they were small.

  4. we were on the beach yesterday too our visitors for a trip out, I do enjoy being close to coast :-)

  5. What a lovely beach and day. I feel so sorry for the jellyfish though.
    I grew up in the Arizona Desert and longed to live by the beach.
    Many years later I was able to (Laguna Beach, California) and I adore it.
    Now I am back in the desert (divorce) the open land, big sky and clouds and I feel at home
    but I still miss the ocean.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Parsnip - I can understand that. Our intended move-to county (Herefordshire) is land-locked and I will really miss the sea, never having lived that far from it all my life. I would love to live beside it, but that is not good value for money I fear . . .

    Dawn - which beach did you go to? We are spoilt for choice around here I have to say.

  7. Lovely post and photos - the beach looks so clean and quiet. I must admit I so wish at times we lived nearer the sea.

  8. Times I have driven past the sign to Laugherne (probably spelt different) and thought I must visit one day, never have but it looks beautiful the estuary.

  9. Your photos make me want to wander the sand dunes and search for shells and rocks to bring home to add to ever-growing piles and planters. Love the ocean; have lived within a mile all my life; cannot imagine otherwise...

  10. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gosh how long has it been? Can you e-mail me :- denisebydesigns at googlemail dot com? I have some exciting news all hush hush.

  11. R. Robin - it's a lovely little beach, and handy. The Big Beaches are even better though, the ones at Pembrey and Pendine and further West and East come to that. Rhossili is justly world-famous.

    Thelma - Nearly right - it's Laugharne. On the scale of things, Llansteffan is just an estuary beach, and famous for its cockle beds, but it has its charm.

    Marlene - glad you enjoyed them.

    Lynda - the call of the sea is strong. I don't know how we will fare when we have moved over two hours away from the coast.

    Mrs N - have mailed you . . .