Thursday, 30 July 2015

The beautiful kitchen garden at Chatsworth

Pictures, rather than words today.  I wish I could grow huge rows of SLUG-FREE Delphiniums here!

Achillea looks wonderful en masse like this.

Love in a Mist - Nigella sativa.

Drifts of Campanula.

I think this is Variegata di Bologna rather than Rosa Mundi.

A pretty unnamed rambler.

Colour everywhere.

Camera shake, but it looks rather nice like this . . .

Almost black sweet peas.

Then finally, it was on the bus back home, with Sheffield in the distance . . .

Lastly, an update on the grotty corner:

From this -

To this -

All my potted roses enjoying the sunshine there now.  I did a bit of "sweeping under the carpet" on that left wall as where there was some loose sand left that was hard to shovel up, I just swept it against the wall, put compost on top and planted it with (on left) scented leaf Geraniums, and further in, several pots of Dahlias which needed to get in the soil.  Now I am totally shattered . . .


  1. What beautiful photos, one thing I really want to plant in our new garden is Dahlia's.

  2. I grew all mine in pots to give them a sporting chance against the slugs.

  3. I like dahlias but they are earwig magnets. Love the photos How on earth do they deal with the slugs.

  4. That gorgeous blue of the Delphiniums! I bought some this year because I love that colour but those damned slugs ate every one before they got anywhere near producing flowers. Same thing happened to the yellow Lupins and the Salvias. I don't use slug pellets because of the birds and the little hedgehog family that lives in my garden, so plants have to survive or die!

  5. Rambler - you can get organic slug pellets which don't harm wildlife, pets or children. They're a tad more expensive, but cheaper than replacing plants! I have only 2 Delphiniums, and they are in pots, and have survived a couple of seasons this way, with a bit of 6X chicken manure for feed. I hope this helps.

    Pam - the soil is a lot drier up there (Tam's allotment was absolutely parched) so perhaps that makes a difference. That said, we put some sweet peas in Tam's garden, and I said put slug pellets down "just in case2" and the death toll next morning was 22!

  6. Gorgeous garden at Chatsworth, what is that fuzzy picture photo of flowers? Is it Clary sage?

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  8. Stunning blues aren't they Simon? I love blue and don't have enough of it in my garden here.

    Thelma - yes - now you've reminded me, that's what it is!

  9. Wow, hard work there but it's looking a lovely sunny spot, it cry's out for a small table and two chairs, a pot of coffee and a good book.

  10. And a few inquisitive cows to look over the wall Marlene!! They are always intrigued when they see me working out there and come across to gaze, wide-eyed!