Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A breath of sea air - walk at Llansteffan

Solitary walker rounding castle point.  It looks very dull because I was aiming into the sun.  We needed some fresh air yesterday and headed for our nearest "seaside", which is the beach at Llansteffan.

I tried to take familiar scenery from slightly different angles, but it is difficult to avoid repeating photographs each visit!  At least the shoting into the sun ones offer a different perspective.

Sleepy Ferryside.  I first came here back in 1971 and 1972 to stay with a penpal.  I fell in love with this area then, but never dreamed I would end up living here.

Looking across to the Ferryside side of the River Towy. The ruins of Iscoed mansion amongst the trees.

Looking up the estuary towards the new "dunes".

Beautiful Yarrow, which is normally white but very pinky on this example.

This used to be golden sands, protected at the front by a slight swell of sandbank, now removed totally to form that wall of sand at the back - sand dunes presumably, for some reason or another.  Meanwhile, the once-beautiful beach is now a shallow rocky lagoon at high tide, and covered in estuary mud which can't be washed away.

Looks like I was drunk doesn't it?  Just the angle the rocks were heaved up here in our ancient past.

The Ferryside Express - this would be the London train as it has THREE! carriages.

There were glimpses of sun which lit the horizon with white from an artist's palette.

Around the point, with the castle above us, looking towards Wharley Point and then the Laugharne side of the Taf estuary beyond, with the very VERY end of Laugharne Sands which lead on to Pendine.

One of the rock pools popular with small folk in the summer.

It was actually sunnier and much warmer than this picture suggests.  We didn't need jackets, as the light breeze was from the South with perhaps a touch of West.

The pretty cottage by St Anthony's Well.

An atmospheric view across the Cockle grounds, now shut for the winter.


  1. Gorgeous photos - so atmospheric. I especially love the ancient rocks and the rockpool.

  2. Sadly, if there were any occupants in the rock pools, they were hiding. A couple of dead crabs and empty shells was it.

  3. They are very evocative photos of the beach, loved that pretty yarrow, and the rocks..

  4. Lovely opens spaces almost free of people, a great photo series of your trip.

  5. Delightful and peaceful. I came across Codlins and Cream2 while researching apples. I hope you don't mind that I reference you in my little blog corner of the world.

  6. I have the same problem - I go to quite a few places on my regular dog walks and put photos on my blog, but there comes a point where I can[t keep posting about the same old, same old!
    Love that pretty cottage; I could very happily live there and my dog would LOVE the sea.

  7. I love these photos. Photographing the same areas at different times of the day and year can make them look much different. You just keep that camera clicking and thank you for letting us tag a long on your walk :)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)