Thursday, 29 October 2015

Autumn walk along our valley - part 2

Back again.  All the leaves are on the turn now - trees, bracken and hedgerows alike.

This sturdy old barn, built into the slope, shows no sign of being in regular use.  I wonder if this will end up as someone's home in the next decade or so?  It has lovely views from the gable end.

Then this is the view from those front windows and doors.

Oranges and lemon-drops in the trees here and so pretty.

The header photo was taken here too.  A fast-flowing stream wriggles by close to the edge of the lane, and trackways lead left and right up the very steep hillside.  I've always wanted to explore but it's not a footpath or bridleway as far as I know.

Here's that little stream as it flings itself downhill, ginger with leaves at this time of year.

Round the bend and down the hill by the Beech trees.

Another lovely Beech by the cottage at the bottom.

Further on are my friend's geese, and Ned, one of her donkeys.

Here's George, the other one, who I halter broke earlier on in the year.

My friend's farmhouse and holiday cottage.  Her smallholding is also on the market, and would make a lovely home for a family who want to leave the rat race.

Then it's up a very steep hill.  I paused for breath and to let a car pass me, and climbed up on the bank to look back down our beautiful valley.

Then it was time to face the rest of the - very steep - hill.  Actually, I can climb this easier than our hill although it is steeper - each step seems to count for more, somehow.  Another farming neighbour had stopped for a chat and asked if I didn't want a lift up the hill, but I was good and knuckled down to it.

Here are some of his heifer calves.  I managed to capture the bright colours of the wild Gean trees (cherries), and also to the left, the yellowing of the Larches.  I love it when they go Lucozade-orange.

Finally, the last bend - looking down river (the Cothi) before tackling the steep zig-zag hill to home. The colours look really pretty here.


  1. Considering the amount of cake that I have worked my way through i ought to do a Valley walk every day. The views are stunning and I love the colours.

  2. You live in a very beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You live in a simply beautiful area. I love all the Autumn colours and tiny lanes.
    Fondly Michelle xx

  4. The colours are just fantastic, we have the yellows here but not the oranges. Just turned detective to look for your friends house for sale and found it ( the donkeys were the clue!) but it's about £100,000 above our price range and a lot bigger than we need but otherwise just perfect!

  5. Pam - I lost my walking mojo over the summer (too busy with the Unit) but need to get back to it now.

    Hello Jean. It is stunning here, especially down by the river. I try never to take it for granted.

    Michelle - it IS really lovely and not too far from other bits which are even lovelier. The tiny lanes are a given round here - you have to be good at reversing.

    Sue - ah, it appealed to you then! She had a buyer and lost them, and lost the house she was after (taken off the market due to illness) so it's back to square one. Sorry it's too dear for you, but it IS a lovely place.

  6. What a beautiful walk. The colours are simply stunning at this time of year aren't they? You live in a lovely area. We are eventually hoping to move somewhere a little more rural. X

  7. You live in such a beautiful countryside. I love seeing all the photos of the Autumn colours, which of course I never see here in the tropics. Thanks or sharing the photos. Cheers