Thursday, 15 October 2015

Afternoon at Ynyslas

We had occasion to go to Aberystwyth yesterday and thought we'd make a day of it.  We had intended to cut across country to Llanrhystud, but a closed road sent us into Aberaeron from Temple Bar and we drove up the coast road.  Here is the view looking North.

Leaving Aberystwyth behind us, we went a little further up the coast to Borth.  This rather unusual building - a Museum we wondered? - turned out to be the local  NISA supermarket.

However, the rest of the village was more traditional.

That sounds familiar!

I guess some of these cottages were originally fishermen's cottages and then other later houses were built in between them as progress reached Borth (e.g. the railway).

I loved the designs on this house - it made me think of patchwork quilts!

Anyway, we drove along to what had just been marked as a large sandy beach on my Road Atlas (unnamed).  Imagine my delight when we drove onto the beach and were greeted by stupendous views like these!  Looking inland along the Dovey estuary towards the Mountains.

Ahead of us was the town of Aberdovey, which I have driven through on my way to Towyn, but not seen from across the river like this.  It sits in Gwynedd, and is situated within the Snowdonia National Park.

This is a Nature Reserve too, but the birds were few in number yesterday.  I imagine in the winter it is a wonderful place for mirgrating birds or overwintering waders.

We climbed up amongst the sand dunes and I quickly understood how Ginger McCain got Red Rum racing fit by working him on Stockport beach!

Of course, most of the wild flowers of the sand dunes had finished flowering for the year, although the puffball thistle heads of the Carline Thistle still remained.

Looking south towards Aberystwyth and beyond.

Looking north - Towyn out of sight around the headland, and the mountains along the Llyn Peninsula far left.

More photos tomorrow.


  1. Lovely photos of a lovely part of the world

  2. When we drove for ( what seemed like days ) to go look at Aberystwyth Uni for Miss 21 I fell in love with it! Despite having the required coronary when we strolled from the town up Cardiac Hill!! Your photos are beautiful. It really is my most favourite part of the world X

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous, DH was at university in Aberystwyth but I've never been t,o this area - my loss!

  4. Just beautiful - gorgeous photos and love all those empty beaches :)

  5. Lovely photographs BB - I used to holiday here many years ago when my son was small. It is a lovely coast.

  6. It looks lovely. I love big long stretches of empty beach. It's not somewhere I've ever been. I must put it on my list of places to visit. X