Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas in Hay-on-Wye Pt. 2

A few more Christmas shop windows in Hay.  I have to say, lighting is all . . .

A dog (or wolf?) in one of the galleries.

Booths - for once we didn't even go inside.  Stock is slow-moving here at present and anyway, I'd already spent my money at the Poetry Shop, when I spotted a book edited by Myfanwy Thomas (and her mother Helen Thomas, Edward Thomas's daughter and widow) - Time and Again.  A 1st edition (not that I am a purist about such things) in hardback.

You'll see what I mean about lighting (and colours - lots of yellow and gold in this window display) making a difference.  This shop is a couple of doors down from Booths and in summer we always wander through to the tiny garden at the back, which is an absolute delight, with a little water feature and lovely plantings.

Another of Hay's flower shops, but what a shame the tree didn't have a bit more oomph in the lighting department.

A lovely display here, with a bit of wild wood turned festive.  I can remember my mum making similar creations when I was small and we couldn't afford a proper tree.  It was a branch of gorse one year, stuck in a pot, painted with flour and water paste, and sprinkled with glitter, before being decorated with the smallest of our painted glass baubles.  It was beautiful.  My mum was quite resourceful and practical.  Shame she was a hopeless cook!

A festive stuffed deer head at our friend Rob's antique shop.

This shop is a new addition.  It used to sell mid-European antiques but they have ceased trading.  Now it's a cookware shop and I didn't dare go in!

One of the original Castle outbuildings, this old barn is now a shop selling locally-sourced beers, perries and ciders, so I bought a few for Christmas.

As we drove away, the sun had set behind the flat-topped peaks of Pen-y-Fan.

Another view just to the right of Pen-y-Fan showing that the daylight was fading.

Last one - mackerel sky above some clouds which looked like they'd been airbrushed in with a feather.  Mackerel sky, mackerel say, never long wet, never long dry . . .


  1. I feel like I had a proper wander round with you! Thanks!

  2. A lovely trip round Hay,must MUST get there again. Everyone said that the internet would kill off the town so I'm glad it's still going strong

  3. Gorgeous collection of photos :) Wouldn't have dared go in any of those shops would have spent a fortune! :) I really must go to Hay!

  4. Thank you for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed this little excursion.

  5. Glad you all enjoyed your day out! Sue - it's still going strong, but fewer book shops and more antiques shops, but not proper furniture old-style antique shops - more trendy and eclectic (especially as so many Londoners come down to Hay).

    R. Robin - sometimes we go and come back bookless, and just having bought something from the greengrocers, or the ironmongers (there are two).

    Lorraine - you would love it there, I am sure.

    Rachel - it was nice to have your company.

  6. Goodness, instead of decorating and cleaning up the home I am sitting here and drooling over your post today.
    The streets, shop windows just everything is driving the tourist in me crazy. I want to be walking down this street now !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Believe me you would love it parsnip. It is a lovely unspoilt little town.

  8. It is lovely and so full of Xmas cheer, wish we were nearer to do a bit of window shopping...

  9. It is years since I went to Hay - how inviting the shops look and what lovely decorating for Christmas.

  10. What lovely posts, especially love the lights and mistletoe..sorry you were let down with the viewing, but just think how wonderful you will feel knowing should they "turn up" it is all ready....must go back for a visit to Hay , last time before Little Miss was born... Lovely photos..thank you for sharing xxx