Sunday, 20 December 2015

Towy Valley flooding

I stopped on the way to and from Swansea today to take photos of the flooding in the Towy Valley (something which happens regularly because of the confluence of the Rivers Cothi and Towy, and the wide flat flood plain all the way between Llandeilo and Carmarthen.  Above and below is the view upstream from the bridge at Nantgaredig.  The trees delineate the normal banks of the river Towy at this point.

Downstream, heading towards Carmarthen and the sea.

We came back by the route which allowed me to take some photos of the flooding higher up in the Towy Valley.  This is right by Dryslwn Castle.

A little to the right of the photograph before this is the hill with Dryslwn Castle atop it.  Look to the left.  The valley we live in is the cleft to the top right of the photo.  "Interlocking Spurs" I believe this is called (about the only term I remember from Geography at school).

A slightly different angle, looking downstream. The village you can just about see 1/4 way down and in on the left would be Pontargothi.

This flooding would have been more extensive yesterday.  Our own river has dropped about 4 feet overnight and today because there hasn't been much rain, but there are heavy downpours forcast for tomorrow and Tuesday and again on Christmas Day.

We stopped in the Castle car park to take a few more photos.

Swans with some biggish waders with long beaks.  Not sure if they are Curlew, Whimbrel or what.  Update:  my friend Fi tells me they are Black Tailed Godwits - that's a first for me.

Trees were submerged to several feet up their trunks.

Above and below, Dryslwn Castle against the kyline.  It has seen flooding like this thousands of times before.

Keep warm and dry all . . .


  1. Spectacular photographs BB. One of them has a farm completely marooned in the centre of the shot. Hope they are not flooded out for Christmas.

  2. Pat - I think the farms are generally just above the water levels - although there is one in the middle of the flood plain near Whitemill which MUST get wet each time there's a flood - but obviously worth it for the early grazing.

  3. Love your photo with the single tree in, stunning.

  4. I liked that one too Marlene. An absence of colour made it look all the better.

  5. On the radio today they were saying the A40 going to carmarthen was closed due to flooding, great photos :-)

  6. Beautiful photos but sorry about all the flooding.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Photos like these just show the power of nature at work.

  8. Dawn - I know they close the flood gates at Abergwili when it's really bad. I'm glad we were heading to Swansea.

    parsnip - it's part and parcel of living in an area of high rainfall. The floodplain is there for a reason after all and by the bridge at the bottom of the hill is always a pinch-point when there's been heavy rain. Just glad we are well above it.

    Rachel - the river here is pretty scary when it is thundering past, with branches, trees and one time a drowned cow hurtled past. . .

  9. Photos are beautiful but of course the flooding is not good, poor people in that bungalow, hope it does not flood their home.

  10. Photos are beautiful but of course the flooding is not good, poor people in that bungalow, hope it does not flood their home.

  11. Dear Bb the sweet parcel arrived and little miss was all smiles..thank you so much. I thought I had posted but like you little sleep and I can't remember if it was on comments on your blog or mine!! What is a girl to do!!!!xx

  12. So glad it arrives, and that there are bits that both of you can use. I thought those wee buttons were SO sweet and they make great embellishments.

    Thelma - the flooding was actually worse in the night and now we can drive the bottom lane again it is obvious that the river had come through and OVER the bank down there. Now that bank is a good 4 foot high at its highest, so that is the worst flood we've had for a good few years now, and more rain is promised . . .