Saturday 28 May 2016

Oneby, twoby, threeby . . . TENBY!!

A brisk gallop through the remaining photos which have been held up as I was unwell with that Galloping Tummy . . . .  Anyway, here some cheerful and gorgeous yellow Vetch which grows in profusion on the rocks and cliffs.

At the base of the island a very geometric slab of rock has fallen out sometime in the past, giving a little keyhole view.

View of the island from the Bandstand.

Alexanders in their full glory.

Above and below: boats were chugging round the bays.  The one above was taking a couple across to Caldey Island (which I've always wanted to visit).

Pellitory of the Wall.  I think . . .

Rock Pigeons in their proper cliff top environment.

As you can see, wild flowers have gotten a hold in every nook and cranny.

Tenby was very well-protected in the past - these cannon are surrounding the promontery.

Isn't this sublime?  Just EXACTLY the right blue too.  Holiday home I would assume.

The view from the top.

Wild flowers again - mostly Ivy-Leaved Toadflax which loves warm walls.

Tame Foxgloves in a tub up in the town.

There used to be carriage rides around the town and this old stable was where the horse came to have his lunch-break.  They don't appear to be doing them any more.

A lovely view through the alleyway to the Tudor Merchant's House and the bookshop you can no longer get through the door to explore inside as the owner's OCDness about books has piled too many too far out across the floor!

Finally, if I had to do town living, this is what I would go for.  I could even cope with a courtyard garden (I would have so much colour in here).  Isn't it lovely?


  1. You are sharing so many beautiful places with us, I like them all. That courtyard above, the bookstore owner with OCD about books, the holiday home with the blue door, and all those plants thriving on the cliffs. You live in a gorgeous area.

  2. That round boat is very peculiar, looks like it would be hard to make it go in a straight line. The island is fascinating, great slabs of rock, with that sort of mini alcatraz on top.

  3. Lovely shots of Tenby, I am determined to get there at least twice this year. Glad that your tum is no longer galloping.

  4. Lovely photos, you always catch some brilliant colours.We had a good holiday in Tenby many many years ago and got stuck on Caldy Island when something broke down! we were freezing as it got later and later in the day, I remember it well - 2 small children moaning!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful blog post BB. You should work for the Tourist board! Tenby is a place not visited by me yet but it definitely is now! Glad you are feeling better xx

  6. Beautiful post and photos. So wonderful to see all the wild flowers growing in every nook and cranny! Love the keyhole through the rocks too :) Have only been to Tenby once when we had a camping holiday there about 40 years ago!! It is an area I would love to return to one day especially after seeing your photos!

  7. I've never been to Tenby, it looks a really lovely place and totally unspoiled too. The wild flowers are wonderful especially the Alexanders, I've never seen them growing wild. Well worth a visit - I need about three more lifetimes to go to all the places I still want to see!