Sunday, 8 May 2016

Something finished, but Weary as a Weary Thing . . .

We have had SUCH a busy 10 days.  Trade has been getting worse and worse at the Unit (everywhere, talking to other folks) and we decided to get out there and spread ourselves about a bit.  I can't WAIT not to have to set the alarm for tomorrow, and to do just what I feel like all day.  I fancy going to the Bluebell woods.  Either Dinefwr or Green Castle.  Possibly the latter as we can go and get some sea air at Llansteffan afterwards.

This is the hexi runner which I finally finished last week.  Forgive its many flaws - it's got pulled out of shape from not being quilted in a hoop but on my lap.  Never mind, it's colourful and it's DONE!

We managed to fit visiting friends into our busy agenda last week, so I managed to do some baking.


Blueberry Muffins; Chocolate Courgette Cake (SO moist and will make this lots), and Ginger Biscuits which are fine, BUT halfway through making them (brain still tired) I forgot that I had started off making double the mix, and didn't double the rest of the ingredients . . .

In the afternoon I listened to this and was in heaven for 43 minutes!  It was like having a really really good lecture on my favourite book.

Back tomorrow.


  1. Your hexi runner is lovely well done, and your table spread looks gorgeous, rest up have a lie in and enjoy it :-)

  2. Love the runner, my Hexie project is still waiting for some tlc. I am ashamed to say that although I unearthed it weeks ago it is still looking mournfully at me from the table. Oops, I have done that with recipes and even omitted an ingredient altogether. I hope you enjoyed a leisurely start to the day.

  3. Lovely spread on the table, bought 'Meadowland' in Whitby by the way, terrific book, enjoying it, thank you for recommending it. I think your runner looks lovely by the way, still haven't got the knack of quilting yet..

  4. Love the runner (so wish I could create something like that!) and the baking looks delicious :) Hope you have a quieter time and enjoy the bluebells.

  5. Always very impressed with people who quilt. A lovely runner and nom nom to the baking spread!

  6. Love your table runner, I'm still stitching me hexi's, will have to thing about sewing some together soon.

  7. Your table laid for afternoon tea has made me hungry again. What a good spread!