Tuesday 23 January 2018

Busy in the kitchen

I have been busy painting.  Laying awake at night recently, I was thinking about what our daughter Tam had said about the green I had used (see kettle and toaster) on the cupboard fronts and the extra storage cupboard we had bought.  I LOVED the green, but as the unit in the photo above DID need painting (it was rather brown), more green would be Too Much.  So I bought a tin of Johnstone's One Coat in French Chiffon, which is grey to the point of being the next shade up from white.  It looks good anyway, and nothing to offend any potential buyer's eye.  Anyone would just come in and gut the kitchen anyway, which is why we haven't bought new units.

I would load a couple more photos, but after a day of good internet connection again we are back to ultra slow, plus the phone line isn't right either - starting to sound like it's underwater - so I am assuming there is a problem with the line somewhere and I am going to have to make that dreaded phone call to BT after all . . .

We should be picking up the new vehicle tomorrow - it was meant to be today or yesterday but there was a delay in getting new brake pads on it . . .  We will have it for the Botanic Gardens Fair this weekend.  I had originally asked Danny to stand in for me, as I was so worried about being in busy places because of the risk of flu (which is not a good career option for a severe asthmatic).  However, I really can't hide away for the entire winter, so have grabbed the bull by the horns and will be keeping Keith company (along with a large pack of Dettox wipes).  Begone foul germs!

Right, hopefully I may be able to get another photo up before bedtime.  I'll post this and have a further try.

I see I managed to catch the sponge scourer I was using to wipe drips of paint.  Now I can give the floor a really good scrubbing as there are bits of paint I managed to miss until they had dried hard!


  1. I think you chose an effective paint--a mere hint of color in a 'white' gives it warmth. I'm looking at the photos and thinking that was a lot of painting while balancing on haunches or knees. You've earned some sort of a treat!

  2. A treat - yes, a chocolate bar at least! The grovelling on the floor was bad enough, but I had my right shoulder complaining when I was trying to paint the side bit of the food cupboard to the LEFT, with a dresser just a foot away so I couldn't stand front on to it. That's only had the one coat so far . . .

  3. It all looks really good BB and lightens the kitchen up. A good choice!
    I hope the new vehicle works well for you both and that the next Botanic Gardens Fair is worthwhile ( germs and all!).

  4. I'm looking forward to the Fair, DS, instead of being terrified of going. I now know what to do if I do get the flu (reach for the steroids) so feel a little less helpless and mortal. Like you, I think this corner of the kitchen has been lightened up no end. Next job, is my little white dresser which needs refreshing and I intend to paint some Meadowsweet in a border along the top, and the woodwork round the windows . . . a hated job, because of all the masking up.

  5. That is a very good job. I hope you are using a longhandled brush to scrub your kitchen floor. Lots of friends now use steam cleaners for floors etc but I think you can't beat a good scrub with hot soapy water. I noticed some people were wearing masks in museums and galleries when I was in London this weekend. But as I have seen two people my age or a bit older hospitalised with pneumonia this winter I know how seriously one needs to take this flu virus. Is it very wet in Wales today? It has been pouring most of the day here which is good news for our water supply I think.

  6. Hi Sarah, I use a scrubbing brush for the stubborn slates (those that aren't smooth) and then go over with a long-handled mop.

    I have myself toyed with the idea of wearing a mask at the weekend, so will see what I can get from the chemist. It has been a tad wet in Wales the past few days - we've just driven the new car home in a hail storm and I do NOT think I will be having a walk up the valley today!

  7. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much.