Thursday 11 January 2018

More Dinefwr Castle Photos

The rest of the castle photos.  I was late up (again!) this morning, so am chasing my tail.  Enjoy the photos.

Above and below: Views from the ramparts.

View up the Towy Valley again. You can just make out Paxton's Tower on the left of the centre of the photo (and just make out the hill with Dryslwyn Castle atop it.

A fallen giant in the park.

Newton House.  I used to volunteer here, as a room steward, volunteering information about the house and families who had lived there and I really enjoyed it.  Sadly I had several years of recurrent chest infections and one of the ladies in the house was very unpleasant, telling me that I was spreading germs etc (which you don't, with a chest infection), so in the end I left.

This is the old church, now abandoned, which was used by the occupants of Newton House - it was just a short carriage-ride away.  You can just see the little strong-running stream which flows past the church and over the wall.

Christmas Lambs!  Definitely the first of the old year!


  1. It looks like the castle seen at the end of The Wicker Tree...

  2. I'll have to watch that as it doesn't ring a bell at all . . .

  3. Again way to many beautiful photos. Adore the tiny lambs, especially the one looking at you. Darling wee face.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  4. I saw some more on my walk yesterday parsnip. More photos to follow.