Friday 9 February 2018

Random post with butterflies!

For some reason I can't load photo attachments to my emails, and so this is the only way I can show these  butterflies to a friend.  I hope the detail is good enough for you A.

Above and below - I have been intending to wallpaper my office for months.  I bought this wallpaper from Dunelm - it's called Keeper's Gorse and I have matching curtains in here too.  All I can say is I was blardy glad when I got the last half strip in place and that I had to confess that my husband was completely right - early Georgian (internal) walls are not conducive to good wallpaper hanging!  The first strip, in a corner, ran off 3" from top to bottom/.  The wall was bumpy and lumpy and even different heights across its width!!  When I got to the last half-strip, it was about 6" too short.  The air was blue in here!  Anyway, with great ingenuity, I cut a "sort of" matching piece and then cut out one of the flowers and stuck that over the join and to make it look as if it matched.  As my desk is in front of it, no one will ever know!!

Back later with the 2nd half of my walk.


  1. Beautiful! Wonder those charcters live in the wild.

  2. Aren't they lovely? The wild British ones I know, and some of the big tropical ones I've seen in Butterfly Houses but imagine seeing them in the wild.

  3. It would be a bit intense if on more than the one wall (in this small room) but it's just right as it is.