Wednesday 7 February 2018

Wednesday's walk

I got Keith to drop me off on the way back from getting a paper, so I could do the bridleway walk.  I started out in Cwrt Henri . . . suburbia compared with where we are.

As you can see, the wee bit of snow we had was more like cold dandruff than snow!  It soon melted once the sun was on it.  I started off wearing two pairs of gloves but by the end of the walk I was warm enough (in the sun) to manage with bare hands.

The lane leading to the bridleway gives nice views across the Towy valley.  You can just about see Paxton's Tower on the horizon on the far right of the photo.

To the left of the previous photo, I managed to get into a muddy gateway and take this distant photo of Dryslwyn Castle.

The start of the bridleway.

Looking across a very poor bit of grazing (lots of sour reedy wet pasture like this in Wales) towards the ridge overlooking Brynamman to the East and the Towy Valley and Llandeilo to the West.  A flock of starlings centre stage.

The beautiful snow-clad Carmarthen Fans (e.g. Black Mountain).

Heading back towards home now.  A nicely-restored farmhouse which once stood neglected and empty for years.  Ty Coch farm is just beyond it.

The last remaining bit of snow higher up above Llanfynydd.

The lane home.  The sun was getting nicely warm by this time.

Gorse - flowers all year round: "When gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion!"

Now you see where the header came from!  The light was amazing across this wet field.

A few more photos to follow tomorrow.  I need to get back to my Twister table topper and slip-stitch the back of the binding in place and sew on 36 buttons to hold it together . . .


  1. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing - how long was your walk?

  2. It was about 2 3/4 miles I think. When I got in my Fitbit was reading 13,333 steps - but that included a few hundred around the house before setting out. Glad you liked the photos.

  3. The header photo is a beauty, for sure! I so enjoy seeing your countryside, and your photos are always just wonderful. These long walks must be just what the doctor called for, since you are progressing so well on your table topper project.

    1. Hi Chip - isn't it lovely? I have to confess I know what looks "good" but it's the Welsh scenery which adds the extras! When the sun is out everywhere looks beautiful. The walks help my asthma and my sleep pattern, and cheer me up as well. I hope to be able to put up a photo of the completed table topper tomorrow.

  4. I just adore where you live, such beautiful countryside.
    Thank You for taking use along on your walk.
    Very different from where I live.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  5. parsnip - I have to say, your scenery is SO totally different to mine! Plus a wee bit hotter and sunnier. I'm glad you enjoy my walks as much as I do.

  6. Beautiful photos - especially the gorgeous light in the last few. Looks a lovely walk - so scenic :)

  7. It's a nice walk, especially the bridleway loop - I do get fed up with the lanework, but locally not many bridleways or footpaths. I plan to do the Medieval trackway up towards Llanfynydd when the weather improves a bit.

  8. Lovely walk! I enjoyed coming along - via the net, of course. Wales is such a beautiful country.

  9. Hi Pat - good to have your company! Wales is certainly beautiful although as it gets dimpsy tonight, it is raining steadily and the wind's getting up. Glad I'm indoors!

  10. I am envious of your walks. I can imagine myself huffing along--with many pauses to contemplate the scenery. I love the tracery of bare branches in that final photo.

  11. There is a world of difference between a walk (and a photo) on a bright sunny day and a dour grey one - but then that is obvious. It seems hard NOT to take good photos when the sun is out though, because it brings everywhere to life. I think you would enjoy my walks and I would certainly enjoy sharing them with you.