Monday, 27 August 2018

A funny sort of week

Pretty sunrise clouds from last week sometime.  However, in the way of much of August so far, I think it came on to rain later - thus proving the old saying, Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherd's Warning . . .

I had a silly old day the Saturday before last, when first of all I managed to tangle my feet up as one of them encountered the coffee table leg (which is a strange semi-circular shape and sticks out from the top) and I fell flat.  Later, hurrying to get the paper, I rounded a low wall too sharply, hit my thigh and my keys fell out of my pocket as I lurched, but I stopped myself from falling over.  I got right through until gone 6 p.m. before the 3rd thing - I was making pizza for Tam and her partner, and we'd used a small tin of Anchovies.  Normally I get a glass jar of them but they had suddenly shot up in price and I got the cheaper tin.  Never again - I was rinsing it out under the tap, went to push the lid down with my thumb and the lid sprung sideways and I nearly sliced my thumb off on the edge of it. It was as sharp as a razor blade. There was blood everywhere! That necessitated a trip straight to A&E where it was glued back together very efficiently and a big fat dressing and finger-stall put on.  That stopped me doing anything much for a couple of days, although I was still able to drive with it and we did a small Fair on the Sunday.  It is healing well now but I put a fabric plaster on if I am doing anything messy, to keep it clean whilst it heals.   So, gardening is off . . .

Tam and Zane went away for a couple of days and I decided to go for a walk to explore a new trackway which a neighbour (who had bought the land) had generously given me permission to use.

So I walked along by the river, which now has some water in it again . . .

Then up towards Ty Coch and through a gateway.  It looked very inviting, and I was thinking to myself, oh, this could be my new favourite walk . . .

However, just around this bend I encountered some goodly growth of Himalayan Balsam, but nothing so bad that I couldn't find my way through as it wasn't entirely covering the track.

However, I got to the quarry, and the trackway beyond that was 5 feet deep (and more) in tall Himalayan Balsam and though I tried to get through it, I'd have needed a machete, so I turned round and headed back the way I had come.

A shame, as the views through the trees were very pretty.  I may try again (wearing walking boots) when the Balsam has died down a bit this autumn, but probably then it will be ankle-deep in mud.

Near the old Mill, this Soapwort was flowering.  I have seen it there in the past and often wondered if the housewives of old used this to soap their clothes. 

Back at home, I noticed (for the first time in years) this huge Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar amongst the herbage (cut-back Codlins and Cream, which is its plant food).  I wish I had seen its parents flying about the place as they are equally huge.

Anyway, today we have been up to Malvern Fleamarket, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but poor Keith was asleep with his nose practically on his knees for a good bit of the way back.  He's coming down with a cold and getting up at 4 a.m. just brought it on a bit sooner I think.  An early night for us tonight.


  1. I'm very clumsy, there is nothing I can't collide with or mess up. Socially and physically!

  2. Oh Simon. You'll just have to take more water with it!!

  3. Isnt the Himalayan stuff one to remove? Cant remember why. Big increase in Elephant Hawk Moths up here too. Also the Hummingbird one too. Hope you recover well.

  4. The Councils up and down the country are gradually removing it - they come and spray it with weedkiller here when they find it growing along the hedgerows, but the worst of it is "off piste" so to speak. Masses along the riverbanks. The really bad weed is Japanese Knotweed - it would bankrupt the Councils if they tried to eradicate THAT stuff!

    Glad you have lots of Hawk Moths in your area.

  5. Blimey, you have been in the wars,hope your injuries are all healing.

    Luckily the both Himalayan and Japanese invasive weeds haven't taken hold over here in the East. I think perhaps it is too dry.

  6. It's good to know there is somewhere they don't thrive.

    Thumb much better now but I still put a plaster on if in a grubby environment (Malvern Fleamarket being a point in case yesterday!)

  7. Take care of yourself, there are old wives that think all these smaller accidents will ward off any big ones, hope it's true.

  8. That's good news then hart - that would work, because it's made me super careful, especially when driving.

  9. You have had an eventful week - the thumb sounds painful - do hope it is better soon. The walk looks lovely such a shame about the Himalayan Balsam :( That plant is so invasive and just takes over any area where it can get a foothold :( I love the caterpillar.

  10. The thumb is pretty well mended now RR. I put some Germolene on it a couple of nights back and blimey, it pretty well closed up overnight. Must get a good supply in if there's ever an End of the World scenario!!

  11. After all of that, taking a walk is just what the doctor ordered. And, the route you chose was a good one! I hope all is well now and you are all rested up. I do appreciate hart's theory on smaller accidents. I must remember that one.