Thursday, 11 October 2018

Making the most of that sunshine - Llansteffan beach

A lucky photo - I couldn't see WHAT I was taking (hence it's not quite level) - but love the stripey layers of beach and sand and rocks and shadow.

It was a really stunning Autumn day yesterday - so warm that we were soon down to t-shirts whilst we picked yet MORE apples.  We have barely made a dent in the crop, and are ten boxes up already, PLUS lots I've given away.  

Anyway, it was my patchwork class in the afternoon and although I did think about missing in favour of the beach all afternoon, my OH had Things that needed Doing, so I just came back half an hour early from my class and then we headed for Llansteffan for some sea air.

You will, I know, be familiar with the scenery, but it always looks a little different depending on the weather and the time of day/year.

The very end of Pendine beach in the far distance.

A fissure in the rocks, worn away by the sea, and a rocky jumble at the edge of the beach.

Looking out across Carmarthen Bay, with the tide coming in very quickly.  When we arrived that post was surrounded by mud.

Remember these vehicles which we had spotted and photographed recently when we were the other side of the Estuary at Ferryside?

Yesterday we discovered what they were doing . . .

Coming home quickly to beat the tide.

This was the harvest - lifted from the boats onto the trailer by the JCB.  Cockles we think - collected from along the coast at Pembrey.  The cockle beds here must be resting.  One day's harvest - and I am sure going to Spain as us Brits aren't too keen on cockles in these quantities.

We came home on the cliff path below the castle - as you can see, looking Autumnal already.  Those are Bryony berries below.

Light amongst the trees.

A final view across the estuary for us - the derelict Picton House, which was auctioned recently.  Don't know who bought it or for how much . . .


  1. Thank you Jill. It was such a lovely afternoon and we didn't want to leave!

  2. The best composition is usually accidental I reckon!

  3. Beautiful beach photos. It would be a shame if those red berries weren't edible.

  4. Thanks hart. Sadly, those berries AREN'T edible . . . well, perhaps the birds an eat them. (Just checked and the Warblers eat the White Bryony berries (this one).