Friday, 9 August 2019

A day of Wonky Churches

We had to go to Hay on business yesterday, and after a quick lunch we went up to Hay Bluff.  It's been a while since our last visit and it was just the day for stunning views . . .

Looking across to Pen-y-Fan . . .

Heading downhill towards Capel-y-Ffin. Once upon a time this lane (single track with passing places) would be choc-a-bloc with tourists driving the other way, but it was really quite quiet yesterday. I mentioned it to Keith and he said it's probably down to the price of petrol.  We were fortunate to only meet folk coming the other way right beside a passing place!

The Rev. Francis Kilvert described the wee church of St Mary the Virgin as "squatting like a stout grey owl amongst its seven yew trees."

The view back up the valley.  There are always some flowers here in a vase.  It is a tiny church, some 26 feet by 13.

Then tomorrow, just a little taster of Cwmyoy .. .

I said it was wonky!!


  1. Beautiful views :) Love the little church and Kilvert's description of it - so apt :) Look forward to more on the next church :)

    1. It's always stunning up there (unless it's pouring with rain of course!) I find it so uplifting to be up in the mountains.

  2. The photos are just lovely.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. It was a LOVELY afternoon out.