Monday, 17 February 2014

The February Malvern Fleamarket

Yesterday my beloved and I had a day out at Malvern Fleamarket.  Of the half a dozen photos I tried taking on the way from the car, this was the only one which turned out.  Excuse mucky windscreen!  I thought I had taken some good ones, but the delay on my camera (and the lack of brain present after yet another week without much sleep) meant that the "perfect picture" always, without fail, ended up with a speeding tree or a beautifully-positioned telegraph pole in the middle of it!

Outside were a reasonable number of stalls, though obviously nothing like the numbers you get on a sunny day in summer.  We had a good wander round before going inside.  This would be one of the Welsh stalls (hence the Welsh blankets on it!!)

I liked the smile on the Crocodile head!

This was obviously the Posh End of the proceedings, as they had HEATING in here!

There's always plenty of jewellery on offer.

A bushel measure.  Stamped with VR too.  Not something I have ever come across before.  This would have been used for measuring grain and held 8 (DRY) gallons of grain (which are 4 PECKS.)  Gosh, that takes me back to my school days, along with rods, poles and perches for linear measurement.  4 bushels made 1 coombe.  Basically, a bushel of corn would weigh roughly 56 lbs - half a hundredweight.

Who you looking at? !!

Sundry bits and bobs.

I think this is a Dik Dik.

Of course, the weather brought people out and if they weren't wandering round the Fleamarket, they were out walking the Malvern Hills, and who can blame them?  I'd have loved to be up there myself.

I persuaded my OH to stop so I could take some photos of the view across the Worcestershire fields.  Stunning.

I will add a P.S.  later with some photos of what we bought (Tana Lawn Libery fabric - it is SO PRETTY!)  Right now, my body is still trying to recover from thie virus and I have a shocking headache.  My mental capacity is on a par with a road-kill Frog right now . . .


  1. I wish I had that bushel measure - what a lovely thing. I can think of so many ways of using it. Was it very expensive? x

  2. I love the old Anglo-Saxon names for weights and measures- so much nicer than what we have now. I thought the bushel measure was fab too. Hope you're feeling a little more human now x

  3. Certainly looks like an interesting and well designed flea market.

  4. Was it any good for buying? ... or were they top end prices. Loved the pic of the welsh blankets .. lovely things but they are fetching the money at the moment.
    Glad you had a nice day.

  5. Em - stupidly I didn't look at the price, but I would have thought £150ish. I liked it too.

    CT - I live in the past so am more at home with the "old ways". A little more human - but I still can't eat properly. Heightened sense of taste and smell and we are off into town today for M&S fish (which is FRESH) and some fruit and veg. to try and tempt me. This is the first day where my head doesn't think it's in the church belfrey when they ring the bells!

    Suzie - it wasn't too big this time. There can be around 1,000 stalls in high summer, especially on a dry Bank Holiday. Then it just gets totally overwhelming!

    Vicky - the strange thing was we got our best buys from the poshest shed (the one with the heating!) I think they pay a lot more for a pitch and if they haven't sold too well, need to do a deal to get some money in the kitty. We have bought brilliantly there in the past, but some folk ask silly prices for stuff. Put it this way, it's worth our while to go despite it being a 2 1/2 hour drive from here. I have a few Welsh blankets too, and am about to list a nice narrow loom one on Fleabay, which I hope will sell and give me the spending money for my Florence holiday!

  6. Good luck with Fleabay and selling, yesterday I read that if we did a brisk 20 minutes walk three times a week, we would replace all the brainpower we are losing at a constant rate as we get older! Not sure that came out correctly, but fleamarkets look overwhelming to wander around no wonder you have a headache....

  7. Thelma - I really MUST do some more listing today, but at least my brain appears to be back in residence again! I plan to get out for a walk later on, so hopefully that will boost my brain power long enough to do the listings - photos are taken at any rate! This fleamarket was manageable. We went to one in September and there must have been 600+ stalls and by the time we got to the sheds, we had just switched off!