Thursday, 6 February 2014

Moving on . . .

Looking out on yet another grey wet miserable day, I need some sunshine and SPRING thoughts, so I thought I would put a couple of bluebell wood pictures up.  This is Castle Woods at Dinefwr.

I have seen the Consultant now.  Not the best of meetings, as he seems to think my problems are COPD, and seemed at one point to be denying I even had a chest infection in the first place!!! though how he worked that one out, I really don't know after test results came back so hugely positive on that front.  I shall just sieve out the good things which are that I can stop taking the steroids (5,4,3,2,1) so by next week I shall just be taking my regular Seretide inhaler, and even that without the bedtime top-up which my GP had advised, and that I can get back to walking.  My body will be glad of that.  It was even gladder last night, when I allowed myself an Aspells' Organic Cider, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which helped me get a decent night's sleep.  Hooray!  Onwards and upwards now.  I know I was able to improve my peak flow levels before, through walking, so I shall endeavour to do so again.

I need to start walking daily again, up hill and down dale, rather than always on the level and just across town in recent weeks.  The weather is hardly encouraging, but this is for me, and at least I will be able to note the first tiny signs of spring as they appear from the dreary winter landscape.

I have been busy listing things on ebay and two have sold already - one was a Welsh blanket, so that has provided a big chunk of spending money for when T and I go to Florence next month.  I am allowing myself to start getting excited now!  Ever since seeing a film of Romeo and Juliet which was set there (I think it must have been the late 1960s) I have wanted to visit Italy, Florence especially.  I am preparing my mind by reading E M Forster's A Room With a View!

I can now look at my garden (awash, like everyone else's) and think, yes, I can sort it out now.  When it dries up a bit.  A little bit at a time though, as I am Couch Potato Unfit in a big way.

I was hoping to get to the Craft shop in King Street yesterday, to get some Kapoc stuffing for the Clothkits Peacock cushion, but I was waiting an hour between tests and seeing the Consultant and so we ran out of time, so I shall do it at the weekend.  I need to get some pretty paper for relining a little wooden box I got at the car boot sale last weekend.  That will transform it.

Now, onwards and upwards.  Hopefully I can leave all this ill health behind me, and move on.  I have been preoccupied with it far too long - not difficult in winter, when it is hard to even step outside the house because of the weather (and we have scarcely had a rain-free day since early December).


  1. Not great when a meeting goes like that but your attitude is great! Do what you can keep walking as much as you can to build up some stamina. I find I lose stamina in a matter of days if I don't get out for long enough and that's without your respiratory problems.

    I was in Florence in the mid eighties and will never forget it. The most overpoweringly beautiful place. I had virtually no money but we managed to have a great time. So pleased ebay has topped up your funds as I think it may be a little pricier these days!

  2. Think of those spring walks soon to come BB! Your bluebells are so beautiful and cheering on a wet winter`s day.

    Walking in Florence is mostly on the flat and I can imagine you getting up early and walking the quiet streets before the tourists descend. What a tonic that will be!

  3. Onwards and upwards for you..and Florence!

  4. I think you will go from strength to strength, as you have the good sense to listen to your body and build up slowly. Your photos are a delight!

  5. Just hold on to the memory of those absolutely beautiful blue bells for a little while longer and then one day the warm sun will shine on you and things will begin to get better.

  6. I hope you can start to get some good walks in as we get nearer to spring. It's not easy managing a meeting with a consultant-they can be such pompous buggers. Love the bluebells they are so uplifting.