Monday, 3 February 2014

A sewing day

Virtually the only thing I got from the car boot sale yesterday was this little - Clothkits? - retro Peacock cushion.  I was full of badly degraded foam chippings, so I threw all those away and gave it a wash and this morning I have been busy with my stitch-ripper, unpicking the original fairly obvious sewing which joined it together, and the even more obvious cobbled repairs, in various shades of embroidery floss.

It's very colourful and will look lovely when I have sewn it and stuffed it with Kapoc.

Then I rather suspect my eldest daughter may pounce on it for her Retro and vintage collection . . .

Another very blustery day here.  I am booked in for a healing session this afternoon, so we will see what that reveals.  I am currently OFF ALL ANTI-BIOTICS!!! and stepping down off my Steroids - just 3 more days of those.  I have an appointment (finally) with the Consultant on Wednesday.


  1. Your peacock does have a Cloth Kits look about him!

    I hope you feel better after your afternoon of healing.

    I`ll come back and catch up on your recent blog posts soon!

  2. I was doing well until I unpicked his middle and now I am trying to work out which way round his head and body should be!!! The healing was . . . interesting . . . very interesting. And I feel . . . different. So we shall see.

  3. I'm glad you are progressing!
    A few years back I came upon a Clothkits uncut pattern for pair of size 10 flares! No point in making them up of course LOL I gave them away.

  4. What a find ...lovely colours.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better .... that healing thing can be a bit ..odd.

  5. Are you feeling better ?
    Sending good wished for a better report from the doctor..

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Will think of you on Wednesday. Fantastic you're off the antibiotics. I have everything crossed!

  7. Thank you Em. I would like to be told I can step down off the steroids. We shall see . . .

    parsnip - I am feeling much better, and a great deal more positive, which is half the battle!

    Vicky - yes, odd would about sum it up!! Effective though. I loved the colours on this peacock too - I think it is going no further than No. 1 daughter!

    Kath - I bet those Clothkit flares would be SO the rage now! I think the company have started up again, if I remember rightly? Now that people are making more things themselves again, it's a good idea.

  8. Lovely to see the clothkits again- my Mum used to make them for me and my sister during the 1970s!

  9. I hope you appt went well today. Lovely clothkit, I remember all those psychedelic colours from my childhood.