Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Day Borrowed from Spring

That was yesterday.  I CANNOT say the same of today, as it is blowing a gale and we have a whiteout of Hailstones coming down outside . . .  I am glad I enjoyed yesterday's sunshine so much now!

Drifts of snowdrops are such a joy at this time of year.

As I set off for a gentle stroll up our hill, I noticed the first Crocus shyly appearing.  I expect after today's gales and hailstones and torrential rain, it is now MUSH!

In a dry spell last week, I planted up some  Primulas by the gate.

This farm track runs parallel to our lane for a while.  Before now holidaymakers have mistaken it for the proper lane (which is equally covered in mud!) and ended up in the wood, or in a nearby field.  This week it was the turn of a new bin man, who ended up on our doorstep when he had got stuck in deep mud half a mile further on! The Council had to come and haul him out again . . .

Navelwort on the canyon wall beside our paddock.  When we first moved here back in 1988, the nearest this was growing was 600 - 700 yards further back up the hill.  So we can trace the speed of its colonization.

Looking across the Park field.

Shining Cranesbill leaves tumbling down to the little rill at the side of the road.

Part of the Upper Hill colony of Navalwort . . .

Unfortunately it was still shady-sided in the canyon, which was annoying as I was trying to take photos of the Fairy Forest of lichens . . .

I think you get the idea by now!

I went very steadily, as I am SO unfit (never been this bad since I was 22 and nearly died of Flu). But just to prove I made it, here is Black Mountain with what looks like white highlights on her flanks - we've been having hailstorms the last couple of days - I think Black Mountain had a sprinkling of snow (or lots more hailstones than us).

A lovely tree outline to admire.  I think it's an Ash . . .

 The lane onwards and upwards - saved for another day as that bit of hill has two arrows on the map and is seriously steep!  Much worse than it looks here!  Note - bright blue skies to the West, but in the photograph above it, LOTS of clouds nipping round the corner and heading Eastwards.  Photos just taken minutes apart, if that.

I was immensely cheered to find I could climb the hill and I am looking forward to getting plenty more walking done when it isnt blowing a force 8 gale and lashing down with heavy rain or hailstones . . .


  1. Lovely lovely lichen photos BB. I too have been enjoying my first glimpses of snowdrops this past couple of weeks.

  2. What a lovely walk.
    Snowdrops so lovely and something I will never see in the desert !

    Keep well
    cheers, parsnip

  3. What a beautiful part of the world to live in. And so nice to see some sunshine! x

  4. Aril - I will try again when they are in full sunlight, and I'll use the best macro setting. I need to borrow Em's camera!!

    parsnip - I put up a fresh header photo to give you a Snowdrop "fix"! I may hae a walk up there this week if it stays dry long enough. Proper "wild-growing" snowdrops are such a delight.

    Countryside Tales - It is a lovely area. Really beautiful and the views . . .

  5. What a beautiful sequence of photos! I`m so pleased you had a decent day and enough respite to go out for a walk. I love the lichens and that tree against the sky.

    So far it`s dry today, after a very wet and windy night. It`s such a relief to see a patch of blue sky.

  6. Lovely photos, great to see snowdrops and crocus coming out. I like the primrose by the gate-they are so colourful. Great to see you are getting out and about and hopefully a little bit fitter every time.

  7. A lovely set of photos - really liked the lichens and lone tree :) So glad you got out for a walk and managed the hill - the view is tremendous :)