Thursday 24 September 2009

Cobwebs . . .

A quiet misty corner of Carmarthenshire . . .

Autumn has really arrived here, and it was cool and misty first thing - humidity apparently 97% here yesterday with the fog, but down to 42% today, according to Google weather. I walked down the hill to forward two bits of mail on to my girls, and of course, took the camera with me to get some pics for my blog. I startled this heron from the other side of the bridge, but didn't notice him until he flapped upstream. The heron is the blob just above the river that looks about the size of a white budgie . . .

There were webs everywhere, taking advantage of every bit of stem, leaf and twig.

A totally different sort of web, virtually suspended from the leaves and twigs above, and some of them had little babyish ("yearlings" if they were horses!) spiderlings sitting hopefully underneath!

Another little spiderling palace amongst the hazel twigs . . .

The struts of our bridge were just one mass of cobwebs, and I couldn't resist a few cobwebby views up and downstream.

It was still quite misty then, but has lifted now but it's still a dull grey day.

As you'll see, another version of this autumnal scene is now my seasonal blog heading.


  1. Spider webs are marvelous, as long as one doesn't walk smack into them. For years in New England a fat white spider built an autumn web just above our front door in the angle of the porch roof. She was very interested in comings and goings and would scoot down to the edge of the web to watch us.
    Thank you for taking us on your early morning walk. I have some early morn photos as well--they haven't made it to the blog yet.

  2. What beautiful photographs ...Ilove the web ones but I think the first one of all is my favourite ...almost an oil painting IYSWIM

  3. What lovely photos. I like spiders very much and will not destroy their webs if I can possibly help it. We have a happy spider living on a web on our kitchen window. I took a great pic of him at night, which I will put on my Blog. The flash reflected on the window and looked like a full moon! Kath

  4. misty mornings really make the cobwebs stand out--nice photo essay of your autumn walk-


  5. Love misty mornings - but not getting any here - still sun, sun, sun, nnd drought.

    Envious of your fantastic apples and preserves.

    Adore all the castle photos

  6. Oh what wonderful photos and all the more special because I now know it well. I have such a yearning!!! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. Angie - I love that one too. That corner of the lane has an unfortunate colloqial name which I won't disclose to you because it would ruin the atmosphere TOTALLY!

    MM - a WHITE spider? That would really freak me out.

    Kath - off to check out your blog (remiss of me not to have done so before).

    it's me - a photo essay - what an apt expression. Thanks.

    Lottie - we were only saying last week, after the 3rd wet summer in a row, our sunshine culd carry on until Christmas as far as we're concerned. Perhaps not, in reality. DH and I are real castle buffs.

    Yarrow - not quite as good as being here, for you, but you know you are welcome any time. half term? In Wales, that yearning is called Hiraeth . . .

  8. Hullo there BB,

    Lovely photos. The top one is a cracker. I expect some character from a D.H. Lawrence novel to come round the bend, Glenda Jackson or Alan Bates/Ollie Reed etc.


  9. Al - You're more likely to meet next door's dairy herd. The colloquial name for this bend is Cowshit Canyon!!! I was quite pleased with it as a photo though . . .

  10. Al - You're more likely to meet next door's dairy herd. The colloquial name for this bend is Cowshit Canyon!!! I was quite pleased with it as a photo though . . .