Saturday, 5 September 2009

Day out at the Antiques Fair

Yesterday K and I had a great day out at the big Antiques Fair up at Builth Wells. It's about a hundred mile round trip from here, but it was our last day out before winter confines us to quarters, so we made the most of it. I gave myself a £20 budget and more or less stuck to it (£2 over). I was fortunate to find 4 beautiful (early?) Victorian hand-made lace bobbins for just £2.50 each. With my lace-making ancestry on mum's side, I am determined to learn lace-making, even though it looks terrifically complicated, so I am very gradually getting together what I need. I am having problems with loading photographs from my camera to the computer at present (I believe I have a glitch in the computer) so whilst I've taken photographs, I can't share them on here yet. The photos included in this post are from the Antiques Fair at Builth back in May of this year.

This is "my" sort of stand - lots of gorgeous goodies. . .

Outside stallholders take their chance with the weather holding, and have a mixture of items on offer. Nothing to tempt us here . . .

As my remit was ONLY to look for the things I needed and not be distracted, top of the list I had an earthenware jar to replace the one my daughter broke a few weeks back. I found one twice the size, although it will need another lid making for it, and got it for £12.

It was actually quite tiring walking round and round, and going back to stalls you'd seen first when you wanted to make an offer on something, having checked you couldn't find something better/cheaper elsewhere. Fortunately, it isn't SUCH a huge fair that you completely lose track - though if you were a china collector that was more than a possibility as there was some wonderful china on offer, but I have reached the stage where I can pretty well resist the temptation, as I am meant to be finding new homes for some of my present collection! Having said that, I was really taken with some unusual yellow Vaseline glass items on one of the stalls, and may get one or two bits if I see them at auction in the future. Just for an example, here is a picture I found on the internet. Stunning isn't it?

I will continue this thread WHEN I have got the photos loading again. The computer won't een load existing photos up properly so I have a glitch somewhere in the works, that's for sure. Hope it's not an expensive one . . .

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  1. Looks like you had a great day ...look forwaed to seeing your pics