Tuesday, 8 September 2009

More photos from the Antiques Fair

Many apologies for some of these sideways pictures but I am having problems with the computer right now. Hopefully I will get it sorted tomorrow.

One of the outside stands.

This stuffed puma made me think of our local Beast of Brechfa which it is rumoured is one of these . . . or then again, it has also been seen in black leopard format too.

This primitive chair was another "something" that my husband would have brought home with him, and I would have loved the horse team bells below. Oh, and HOW . . .

Sorry it''s sideways, but this was my favourite stall . . .

A proper-way-up pic of some of the goodies on offer, two pairs of sugar nips at the fore (for when sugar came in rock-hard cones and had to be broken up and then pounded into submission in a pestle and mortar.

Sorry, the lighting wasn't very good here - I should have used my flash.

One of the many stalls specializing in lovely glass and china. Yawn.

Many of the stalls used their space as a room setting to display their furniture.

Almost ditto the above. The little primitive child's chair on the table had a hefty price tag.

This was my favourite stall as she has some really unusual and interesting bits on it - the sort of stuff that NEVER turns up at our local auction. I was very taken by the period sewing things - tape measures in unusual cases, a bone crochet hook, some really lovely old lace bobbins, andall sorts of other goodies like those beautiful embroidered caps.

If we'd had lotsa dosh, this would have probably come home with us as my husband loved this.

Another sideways picture, this one taken in Builth town, and it is a mural depicting the history of the town and historic people connected with it.

An old spinning wheel which had seen better days. I was wondering whether the wheel was original to this as it was a totally different colour.

An over-view of one of the halls with many lovely stands.

On the way back through the town, we stopped at an old chapel which had been turned into an antiques shop. I bought a biography of Thomas Hardy, but the rest of the stuff on offer was a bit too junky for our taste . . .

A sideways view of the BIG ceramic pot which is my new flour container. K has to make me a lid now.

Lastly, the four beautiful hand-carved Victorian lace bobbins which I can't wait to use. It's going to take quite a while to get all my lace making kit together though.


  1. I spied Cornishware!! *screeech*
    I love it and very hard to get any nice stuff over here.

  2. Jolly expensive here too (out of my pocket anyway), but I would settle for "ordinary" blue and white. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I think I would have enjoyed this place--maybe a bit over whelming with so many stalls to visit. I like your new brown crock. I mentioned to J. a few months ago that your K. makes lovely wooden lids for old crocks--the idea being that surely J. could do that if he was interested.

  4. I see you are a woman after my own heart MM -subtle as a wall brick!