Friday, 4 September 2009

Not a good day

I haven't been sleeping well this week and it has really caught up with me today. Everything seems to be taking so long to do - especially strigging elderberries for the Pontack Sauce earlier on - I have two thirds of the amount I need now, so must pick more. I got sick of doing them in the end, so went for a blackberrying walk, which I didn't enjoy either as not many blackberries around, a lot of mud and I got tired long before I got home.

The real crux of my annoyedness at present is the computer not speaking to the Camera. It says it is a complete stranger and no, it doesn't want to upload the photographs I've taken, and in fact, it is not going to. So there. Since I have some items to list on e-bay, as a practice run for some bigger pieces (furniture) I am doing my nut here - it has NEVER played up like this before.

Ah well, perhaps when I have had a good night's sleep I shall be able to sort it out. Meanwhile, back to clearing the cupboards out which are going to be sold, those which used to be in Adelina Patti's theatre at Craig-y-Nos.

I am hoping, if I don't feel like chewed string in the morning, that my dearly-beloved and I will have a day out at the Antiques Fair up at Builth Wells. Just looking, but it will be a nice day out all the same. We shall see . . .


  1. Good luck withe the computer..some times they seem to like to be turned off and left awhile and then like a naughty child after a nap..all is serene and it never happened..
    either that or they like to sulk?
    (They are machines and logic should apply but sometimes I wonder...)
    Lovely photo btw

  2. You sound thoroughly fed up, lack of sleep can't be helping - maybe it's time for a Syndol? Hope you have a nice day out tomorrow anyway. The elderberries and blackberries will be around for a while yet so they'll wait.

  3. I work with technology all day and sometimes you just have to turn off the power supply and leave well alone for a while. No rhyme or reason to why this works but it usually does. Maybe it's because computers hate being taken for granted, or they just need a break, Anyway, 'patience is a virtue' so they say, and you surely need it working with computers!
    Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

  4. I too have had a lack of sleep week ...once I finally get my eyes to stay closed , I then seem to keep waking up for short times thus having a very broken night. I blame the cats ...who think my bed is their bed ... and the air pressure which seams high.... result energy.

    I hope you get your day at the Antique Fair

  5. Sorry to hear you are feeling out of sorts. I know how lack of sleep can feel and I hope you soon get some rest.
    Have a hug from me


  6. I am glad to report I had a better night's sleep last night and feel refreshed this morning. I have decided to ditch my ageing mascara as I think that has been causing problems.

    K and I are off the Builth Wells for the Antique Fair shortly and I can't wait, even though it is meant to be window shopping unless the right sort of old earthenware storage jar turns up for me . . .

  7. I too, have problems with downloading photos to my computer sometimes,and it is very very sloooowwwww.
    I was quite excited to see your comment on my blog,I jsut read it. Imagine!My blog from NH being read by someone from Wales! That's great!
    I am now going through your blog. I'm glad that you are having a better day today!