Tuesday 27 October 2009

Paradise Pudding

I just happened to wander into Oxfam when I was in town yesterday, which was naughty of me, as I have been trying to wean myself off this particular addiction since prices have gone considerably up in the past year. Anyway, I was just convincing myself that there was nothing worth buying anyway when my eye just happened to fall on a spiral bound book. I hesitated, drew it out, and saw the words "Devon W.I. Cookery Book" on the cover. Well, I was bounden to buy it of course, and it was only 99p, so . . . It has an interesting selection of recipes - some I recognize already from my Farmhouse Fare and other similar old books - but others completely new to me, like this one for Paradise Pudding. I don't know how old it is but I would guess that it could well be around 1850. A quart of eggs contained 20, by the way, but I think this would mean use two eggs and not twenty! :


"If you'd have a good pudding pray mind what you're taught
Take two pennyworth eggs when they're 2d a quart,
Take of the same fruit which Eve once did cozen,
Well pared and well grated at least half a dozen.
Six ounces of bread, let the maid eat the crust,
The crumbs must be grated as small as fine dust.
Six ounces of currants and pray pick them clean,
Lest they grate in your teeth, you know what I mean.
Six ounces of sugar won't make it too sweet,
Some salt and some nutmeg to make it complete.
To this you can add, if you're willing and handy,
Some good lemon peel and a glass of good brandy.
Three hours let it boil without hurry or flutter,
And then erve it up with some good melted butter.
Adam tasted the pudding, 'twas wonderfully nice,
So Eve cut her husband another good slice."


  1. Hullo BB,

    If that tastes half as good as it rolls off the tongue, I'm going to give it a go.


  2. you know if they were big cooking apples the 6oz of sugar makes me wonder if they don't mean 20 eggs... ???? it would be somewhat custard like?

    Anyone game to give it a try?

  3. This sounds a bit like the concept of "Scripture cake." I'm trying to visualize the consistency or think of a similar recipe.

  4. I have also noticed Oxfam hoisting up its prices - especially of second hand books.

  5. What a charming recipe in verse, Gordon Foulmouth Ramsey take note! Let us know when you make this BB, I'd love to see it!