Thursday 8 October 2009

A walk down by the river

Few words today I'm afraid. Not feeling brilliant again - and although I enjoyed a short walk down beside the river this afternoon, I was more than grateful to be offered a lift back up the hill by a neighbour! October is turning into a snuggle up by the fire with a quilt on your lap and a good book sort of month already. The house is feeling cold and damp, and the Hergom stove was on for a couple of hours yesterday to take the chill off the kitchen. Today it refused stubbornly to light, so I put an extra layer on (fleece) and carried on with my upholstery project regardless.

Down by the river, the sun had already flounced behind the trees and the light was subdued - but sometimes that means more interesting monochrome photographs. Enjoy.


  1. Hullo BB,
    Poor you. Stay warm and hope you feel better soon. Dont forget the 'medicinal' drinks!

    Lovely photos.Looks like a nice bit of the world.

    Thanks for your good luck message....

    What a grilling, but went well I think.
    need to wait and see.


  2. Beautiful...I missed the previous post (been busy lately!), I'm assuming you're not feeling well. Hope you're better soon :)

  3. Clicked for an enlargement and wow ...felt as though I was there. Love the textural ones too ...the water has such a wonderful 'feel'.

  4. Thank you for taking us along on your walk--I love the shadows on the water. It snowed again here--looking like an early winter--rather grim. I have earned the rest of the day off having turned in two projects in two days. Book and cats and tea sound very appealing.
    Hope you can shake that cold once and for all.

  5. Oh these are just the best! What gorgeous atmospherics :) I want to snuggle up under a blancket too, oh, I am :)

  6. So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - the sudden change on the weather doesn't help. I'd love to know which river this is ???

  7. WSC - it's the River Cothi, and where is passes down our valley is stunning at every turn. I know it in every mood, every weather. This is a "bit-of-a-cold" which has been hanging in there for 3 weeks now . . .

    Yarrow - I thought you'd like them.

    MM - That bodes ill for us, being that you are getting the weather perhaps before we do! Keep warm.

    Angie - The water has such differing "textures" and I am fascinated by them - hence lots of photos! I like it best when it pours like oil low over the stony bottom - glissading, the word is.

    ER - just a "bit-of-a-cold" which won't shift!

    Al - fingers crossed that you get the job. The worst bit is behind you anyway.