Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn in the Elan Valley

Autumnal colours this year seem to be SO beautiful. I was going to post last Saturday's walk, but I will leave that for tomorrow and share with you instead the autumn scenery from the Elan Valley, near Rhayader in mid-Wales. The first dams were opened in 1904, with Claerwen being opened in 1952, one of the first jobs for our then new Queen. They supply Birmingham with water. Words are superfluous . . .

P.S. The boys had their "op" yesterday, spent the night in the shower room, wrecked the joint overnight and are now outside hurtling around like they're on Speed and you would never know anything had been done to them!


  1. That is a beautiful post, are you going to keep the kittens? x

  2. Very Autumnal and very atmospheric!
    LOL the kittens, makes you wonder what they revived the cats with :D

  3. dubgirl - what do you think?!!!

    Kath - I believe it was the high-octane cat biccies they had on their return . . . Little rotters had been shinning up the curtains (possibly all at once) and brought the curtain pole down!

  4. I would love a walk through that woodland.

    Re the 'kittens' - obviously they have short memories - luckily so by the sound of things.

  5. Beautiful autumnal scenery. Even the tall, straight conifers of the Forestry have their own beauty.

    The kittens will soon be forgetting their feral ways now that they have a warm place to live, good food and nothing in their pockets LOL.

  6. Stunning photos BB.
    Got a good laugh about the kittens, I have 2 4 month old sisters and they took down my huge canning stock pot on one of my shelves in the middle of the night a few nights ago, I'm sure you heard me scream when I fell out of bed when that hit the floor, oh the joys of kittens lol

  7. It took me a moment to make the swtich from the misty autumn walk to the post-op antics of your cat-boys. They should make for some lively occasions over the winter.
    Our "barn kittens" are scheduled for surgeries early next month--I'm dismayed at the amount we are spending on the health and welfare of felines at the moment. Long may they live!

  8. MM - I was fortunate and got a good chunk of the costs of neutering paid for by the Cats Protection. They will also pay some towards mama-cat's operation when we have caught her.

    denimflyz - that made ME laugh too! Little ratbags!

    DW - they are pretty much all cuddle-cats now, even timid Alfie, but they prefer the outdoor life and so we are content for them to be outside as long as they choose to.

    WoG - I think they just think they fell asleep and woke up a tiny bit sore. Didn't dent their appetites though!

  9. such a gorgeous collection of autumn, truly touched my spirit. Thank you.