Friday, 5 November 2010

Saturday's walk

You will be getting fed up with autumn scenery by now, but I thought I would share these photographs from Saturday's walk. I got my husband to drop me off about 2 1/2 miles from home and I walked back along lanes I used to ride Fahly along, the opposite side of the valley to where we live.

You will have to bear with me on postings at the present, as I am having to share the computer with my offspring, as all their computers have gone kaput. I am also finding it hard to motivate the creative side of myself - both with sewing and writing and even cooking on some days - though I did make some toothsome pasties yesterday which I will give the recipe for tomorrow (Ham and Cheese ones). So, for the moment, short on words and long on photos . . .

I started my walk whilst the sun was out, but just around the corner . . .

. . . there were rainclouds behind the farmhouse. Fortunately, I managed to get home before the heavens opened.

The denser part of the hedgerow on the right is where there are cottage ruins, but you have to step inside the copse to actually see them as they are invisible from the lane.

If you look in little copses in field corners, you often find cottage ruins. There were two cottages here originally, in about half an acre each of land. Similar set up to the two on the bottom road I showed yesterday. I will have to try and find them in the 1881 census though I don't know this side of the river so well.

This is looking across the Towy Valley.

A neighbour's Welsh Cob broodmare. He has several mares and some youngstock.

We've not had a great deal of rain yet, but this field is already waterlogged.

Looking up the valley towards Horeb.

This is the last flat bit before a steep downhill - steep enough to KILL the thighs when walked uphill . . .

Plenty of yellow on the side of the valley - looking over my shoulder.

Our house is just tucked in behind the farm in the centre right of the picture.

Some of the young steers (and a young bull, if I'm not mistaken!) on a neighbours farm.

Colour in the hedgerow in the form of Euphorbia (probably the Wood Spurge).

Looking across the valley towards our house.

Back down to the river's edge now, and this splendid oak tree.


  1. What beautiful scenery. I love it and wish I could have gone on the walk with you.


  2. I never get tired of your photos. Some of the photos are so magical and enchanting that it would not surprise me to see a fairy or another woodland sprite.
    Your photos take me to places I only have dreamed of, so very magical.
    Oh, yes, BB, we are to get some SNOW about Tue here where I am at...

  3. I think you have an eye for capturing on camera the landscape where you live. I enjoy seeing bits of it in every season. Don't those old cottage sites just tug at the imagination?
    I zoomed on the photo of the farm and tried to see just where your house sits--couldn't quite be sure if I saw the yellow paint or not, but good to see how it relates to the larger neighborhood.
    I have found in the past when housing and feeding assorted relatives [offspring and the like] that so much energy goes into meals and such that I have lttle left over with which to "create." More than a few days of it "gets" to me.
    We are expecting company which includes a 2 yr old--as my desk is lodged in the little "guest room" I may not have my usual time to visit my blog friends.

  4. I have never seen a euphorbia that colour. I love the gate photo. I have a thing about gate photos don't I? I wonder what that says about me?

  5. That's what I like BB - a beautiful, peaceful walk without ever leaving my armchair. Lovely.

  6. Oh...the photo of the gate, lovely and full of possiblities...what walks are about.