Thursday, 4 November 2010

Some local autumn colours

Along by the river today. My favourite view (and all the other photographers in our neck of the woods!) However, this was at the end of my walk as I got my husband to drop me off near the A40 so I could walk the 3 miles home along a different set of lanes for a change. It was mizzly but I didn't get very wet - just HOT!

The start of the walk. The A40 runs along in front of the pine trees centre and right. Nearly 2000 years ago the Romans walked this way too and built a Roman road between Llandeilo and Carmarthen. In Victorian times (if my memory serves me well), a hoard of Roman coins was discovered on land nearby.

Behind the piddling sheep (!), you can just about see the outline of Dryslywn Castle in the distance.

A stag-headed oak punctuates a farm trackway.

Here in the valley, the Larches are the colour of Lucozade. Up on the mynydd, last week, they were a bright sulphur yellow.

The lane led invitingly homewards.

Above and below. Broodmares and youngsters at a local stud were interested in the novelty of someone ON FOOT!

Gateway to a neighbour's smallholding.

The scenery looked like it had been spread with a fine gauze veil. In reality, it was drizzle!

This hill may not look too steep, but I can assure you that climbing up it is quite a challenge, and I was glad to do this walk in reverse today!

A Section A Welsh broodmare and her foal, belonging to a neighbour of ours. When we first moved here we bought one of her yearlings - a beautiful palomino colt we called Merlin (as his stable name). Gosh, he would be 22 now . . .

On the "main" road home - leastways, a lane large enough in the most part for two cars to comfortably pass!

Above and below. Once neighbouring cottages on one acre plots, the ruin above might have looked like the cottage below, had it not been abandoned.


  1. What a beautiful time of year it is with you now - and such atmospheric pictures. I am trying to picture exactly where you are as we have visited the Towey valley quite frequently.

  2. Just gorgeous!
    Love all of your recent photos.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Would have loved that walk with you!
    Just lovely,

  3. Real picture postcards. I just love the one with the gate especially.

  4. WSC - we are up along the Cothi valley.

    Joanne and Kath - it's difficult to take a bad picture at the moment, as everywhere is looking so beautiful.

  5. Thank you for sharing another lovely walk BB. I can imagine the main road along the Towey Valley being marched along by the Roman Legions. That route has to be along one of the most beautiful river valleys in Wales.