Sunday, 14 November 2010

View from the top of the mynydd . . .

A few photos taken on a very short stroll on Saturday, camera in hand.

Carmarthen Fans (Black Mountain) - the last outpost of the Brecon Beacons.

An old trackway which I've walked a couple of times. It winds its way down to the valley bottom.

Modern take on a Clooty Tree.

The favourite fencing up here now there are so few who will rebuild the old walls.

You can just see the edge of one boundary of an Iron Age fort, far left.

There were four BIG Red Kites in this picture. They must have seen me lift my camera as all bar the speck in the distance quickly dropped altitude to lurk above the oak and ash woodland.


  1. Wonderful views of your wintery landscape.

    The demise of dry stone walling is a sad thing. Something we have noticed in Yorkshire and on Dartmoor too. Another one of the old country crafts that takes time to learn and time to undertake. Nowadays it is so much quicker to put up a wire fence, especially on a farm manned by just one or two people who may be struggling to make ends meet.

  2. New England also had its stone walls--a fine use of the rocks pried from fields and pastures.
    I had to look up "clooty tree" and I am fascinated.
    In Wyoming I despaired of the used plastic shopping bags which decorated too many fences and were caught, flapping and tattered in the sagebrush. Less of that here in KY, but sometimes I see swaths of something along a stream bed that looks as though a giant roll of toilet paper has been unwound and used to festoon branches. It comes to mind that a Scots term for 'diaper" [nappie?]is "clout"--maybe a bush draped with drying nappies? "clooties?"
    Oh dear--a night of little sleep and a long day--I suspect I'm on the edge of silly with my comments!

  3. Oh what a breathtaking walk with such amazing views!