Thursday 31 March 2011

Cats and Kingcups

Some cat photos for my eldest daughter, who is missing the cats very much.

Eric the Red, sunbathing.

Alfie on top of the wall between the garden and the yard.

Tippedy-doo-dah (as we call him!) also having a wash . . .

His brother "Little Whale" aka Jarvis, having a wash and brush up.

Miffy and Alfie on the old cart shed door.

This heifer calf was less than an hour old in the picture and she had just climbed up quite a steep bit of bank, little legs still doddery from lack of use. Her mum very sensibly walked up the lesser incline and rescued her by the tree to lead her down to safety.

Kingcups (Marsh Marigolds) at the edge of the wildlife pond. These are especially for Weaver of Grass, who is longing to see them blooming up in Yorkshire.


  1. Lots of yellow! Spring is here. I love the cats, especially Miffy, who has the most amazing tail.

  2. Kath - Ah, Miffy the Untouchable. . . She has been here for about 18 mths now but will NOT allow me to touch her. I have managed to just vaguely stroke her in passing (feed time) a couple of times, but she dashes off. She is NOT frightened, but doesn't want to be friendly. . . The boys are her sons, by a lovely dark grey tom. They have inherited his calm nature. Miffy is in lovely condition now, but sadly blind in one eye.

  3. Lovely cats! No wonder T is missing them.

  4. Love your cats, we only have one but I yearn for more.

  5. Thank you - I have just been to look at ours and they are heavily in bud - a couple of days of sunshine and they should be out. They are my favourite flower. In Lincolnshire when we were children we called them water blobs.

  6. I dropped by to enjoy the cats Friday morning and didn't get to leave a comment. J. has kept me busy with his various enterprises this week.
    I don't wonder that your daughter misses the cats--I sometimes wonder how I can be so thoroughly attached to mine--long conversations with them, even. Your "boys" have interesting faces.